Confessions of a bad wife: I HATE taking care of my husband when he's sick

Why do all guys become huge babies when they get sick?!?! Ugh, it's so ANNOYING! It's the one time in my relationship when I want to scream: "HEY buddy--I'm NOT your mom!"

Apparently, this is an across the board occurence. After an incredibly informal survey of my co-workers and girlfriends, I've determined that upwards of 99 percent of men just totally lose their shit when they get sick and revert to acting like helpless little boys.

Um, this is not alright guys. We rely on you to be your manly selves. What if I need to open a jar or hang a painting?


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No, really--what could be at the root of this issue? How does a common cold, a tummy ache, or even (God forbid!) a splinter, mean the world is going to end? I mean, these things happen to us women and not only do we somehow manage to recover without loafing around in bed for days moaning, but we're also: Going to work, raising the kids, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, etc. You get the point. In other words, BUCK UP dudes!

The flip side is that, of course, we love taking care of our honeys. All the sniffling and groaning means that we can be our normal, loving, overly smothering selves with absolutely no complaints. So yeah, sometimes there is a silver lining, but still...

Don't you wonder how they all got this way? Was it their moms? Not that I'm giving anyone a reason to give their suegra any side eye (LOVE YOU! Mean it!), but is it truly possible that every single man in the world is a momma's boy and just wants to be treated as such when they are sick?

I'm not sure. I haven't been able to get to the root of this sociological phenomenon yet, but if I do, I promise I will share mamitas. Until then, stay strong, and try not to kill your man if he gets sick any time soon!

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