Not 100% sure if your partner is "The One"? This simple test can tell you!

How do you tell if your guy really loves you? Do you look at his eyes or his smile? Results from a recent study now show that there's another way to know how your partner feels about you: a blood test!

Scientists tested 120 new couples and 43 single people in their 20's. Their findings, published in Psychoneuroendocrinology, showed that those in relationships had higher levels of oxytocin, otherwise known as the "cuddle chemical." Blood levels of oxytocin typically spike during activities like sex or breast-feeding, but this research suggests that they can also indicate emotional accessibility between partners.  Higher oxytocin levels are also connected to happier moods and increased affection among couples.


But what's even more surprising? After following up with the participants six months later, researchers found that 25 of the couples with the highest levels of the chemical were still together, implying that those who had more oxytocin in their system early on were less likely to break up than those whose didn't.

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And that isn't the only surprising hormone that can affect the way you view men! Another recent study from Abertay University in the U.K examined 74 Latvian men and found that those with higher levels of testosterone were more attractive to women. Why? Increased amounts of testosterone were linked to those with more masculine faces and stronger immune systems.

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Although it is pretty interesting to see how our bodies react to new love, I think I'd rather wait to see where the relationship takes me than resort to blood tests and hormone levels for answers. I feel like all of the scientific lingo kind of kills the romance. Plus, I'm really afraid of needles!

What's your reaction to these two studies? Do you think blood tests can really give insight into your relationship?

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