Sexting is too much work (PHOTO)

Sexting--just one of the ways technology has made our lives better (and worse). On one hand, you have to be on the look out to make sure your kids aren't doing it, on the other hand, all the relationship experts are telling you to do it with your man--but dear God don't get caught by your kids, who should definitely not be sexting.

Even just typing the word makes me feel like my Abuela is so disappointed in me that she is in heaven saying her Hail Mary to save my dirty soul. The fact that I am about to admit that I have done it--to my co-workers and God and everyone--definitely has her doing the Rosary.

While I did try sexting because everyone said you were supposed to and it helps your relationship, I don't do it anymore. Here is why:



It is a ridiculous thing to do, that's why!

Seriously, when I saw this MEME on Buzzfeed I laughed so hard because this is EXACTLY what happened to me. It seems like a good idea--spontaneous flirting, easy to send a text saying something provocative--but then you get to the serious business of it and it is hard. First, as the photo points out--you need lighting. And I don't know when the last time you tried to take a sexy picture of yourself was, but seriously, incredibly hard to do with the camera on your phone. Everything ends up looking like disfigured boobs even if it is really your knees.

And let's face it, no one sleeping alone is in sexy PJ's so then you need an outfit or to take your ugly Old Navy sleeping pants off and then sh*t, are your legs shaved and are you wearing make up? And maybe a pair of heels would help. Suddenly, this is as much work as sex without the payoff. Who needs this. If you are in bed already, chances are you are tired. And haven't you been on this damn phone all day already? And really, we text each other to say things like pick up milk--it is not a sex toy, it is a vital communication devise.

The upside of the whole sexting experience? We got a great laugh. Maybe that is why all the experts are telling you to do it?

Have you tried sexting? Was your outcome hysterical or harmonious?

Images via The Intrepid Traveler/flickr, BuzzFeed

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