38% of women would cheat with Ryan Gosling--Duh!

Ryan Gosling is hot! This is like saying, "The sky is blue!" or "Wow, that fat-free ice cream tastes gross!" It's a fact we all know, and even if we try to fight it, it's just undeniable.

So, why are people acting all shocked that a recent survey done by Fitness magazine and Yahoo! Shine reflected that almost half of women would cheat on their life partners if there was no chance of getting caught? What's shocking here ladies is that Ryan Gosling came in second place as the celeb most of us would want to cheat with--another Ryan (Reynolds, that is) actually edged him out with one percent of the vote. Now that, my friends, is crazy town! Obviously none of these women have seen the glory that is Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love--or maybe they have and just aren't feeling his chiseled abs and gorgeous face (note evidence to the left) as much as I am...


Which is totally fine by me, because this means in a crazy alternate universe--where I am allowed to cheat on my hubby because he will never, ever find out and my guilty conscious won't make me feel horrible for the rest of all eternity--there will be a better chance of me landing my dream boat (that would be Ryan Gosling in case you hadn't picked up on that already) since only like 13 percent of the entire female population on the planet has dirty dreams about him as compared to say, Ryan Reynolds, who captured 14 percent. I'm liking my odds here chicas!

OK, so these types of surveys are totally ludicrous and silly and prove absolutely nothing, besides who the majority of ladies are fantasizing about. I mean, if there was no chance of getting caught, I'm relatively sure a vast majority of people would cop to being willing to do things way worse than being unfaithful...no joke. Chew on that for a minute.

Also, there is totally no reason for anyone to be shocked that women would want to taste forbidden fruit, especially in an imaginary universe where there are no real life consequences. We are, after all, only human.

My hubby and I actually have a really fun game where we decide if certain celebs would ever make it onto our "Top 5" list. This is our list of celebs we are allowed to get with if we ever have the opportunity. You know why? Because I'm relatively sure he won't really ever have the chance to sleep with Salma Hayek and because my crush on that really hot guy who plays Tim Riggins from the Friday Night Lights TV show (I'm talking to you, Taylor Kitsch) probably won't ever get a chance to be put to the test either. It's fun and funny and we love to make fun of each others picks or argue over our ranking. It's a silly game, much like surveys like this!

What do you think about this survey? Who is your ultimate celebrity crush?

Image via Warner Bros.