Woman accepts kidney donation from husband's mistress

I just finished reading a story about a Turkish woman who received a kidney transplant from her husband's mistress. Wait, did I just hear a record scratch? Just kidding, but it IS a pretty crazy story, right?

Now, I'm no fan of a philandering man, and I most definitely do not agree with the concept of open marriages--but something about this story hit a tender spot in my heart.

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I guess it's just the idea that someone would be selfless enough with another woman who would under most circumstances be considered an enemy or at the very least direct competition. I'm not sure, but there is something about this story that makes me feel good about humanity in some ways--at least good about the fact that women really can rise above their differences and support each other even if there is some awkward family stuff involved.

The married couple are Meliha and Mehmet Avci, who have been married for 16 years and have a son together. Meliha has had to undergo dialysis for about 12 of those years due to her illness. Her hubby met his lover, 34-year-old Ayse Imdat about five years ago and has a daughter with her. 

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But is Meliha bitter about the whole arrangement? It doesn't seem that way, actually. And there was absolutely no pressure from her or her husband when it came to Ayse offering to donate her kidney.

So what does Meliha think about this whole crazy situation? She said she is very grateful to Ayse, with whom she now shares blood, a husband and a kidney!

What do you think? Would you ever donate an organ to your husband's mistress or vice-versa?

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