Google shares love on Valentine’s Day with Doodle

Whether you’re single or taken, one thing you’re sure to love this Valentine’s Day is the annual Google Doodle! Since 2000, Google has designed themed and animated videos to commemorate the special day and this year’s is especially adorable.


As in previous years, today’s Doodle is silent except for the background music in which Grammy-winning Tony Bennett sings the soulful Hank Williams song, "Cold, Cold Heart." In the short (but super sweet!) video, a boy tries to show a jump-roping girl his affections by bringing her gifts. He searches Google for traditional presents like chocolates, flowers, and heart-shaped balloons but still, the girl pays him no notice.  He tries giving her more unique things, like a sweater, a TV and even a magician’s top hat complete with bunny--but nothing attracts her attention.

Finally, the boy, feeling defeated, decides to try one more idea. He goes back to the girl with another jump-rope--one that’s big enough for two. And with that, they both live happily ever after.

I know…adorable right? Plus, it’s so relatable. Who hasn’t tried --and sometimes failed -- to win someone’s affection? In fact, the Doodle’s animator, Michael Lipman, told The Washington Post that inspiration for the video came from his own experiences. Having been a little overweight during his teenage years, he said he knows how it feels to have difficulty finding love. “The little girl who couldn’t see the magic within [me] — she had many faces,” he stated.

Awww!!! That’s cute enough to convert even the biggest Valentine's Day cynics! Click below to see the full heartwarming video:

Image via YouTube