One of my favorite romantic songs of all time is Elvis Crespo’s “Suavemente” in which he repeatedly asks for soft kisses, more kisses, just a little more kissing and kissing a little longer. I thought it was just sentimental lyrics meant for women but it turns out that his words reflect the results of a new survey which says that men just love kissing.

It’s a long standing assumption that women are more interested in foreplay than men. But the survey findings from Tokii find that more men list kissing as their favorite type of foreplay. So what’s a girl to do?


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In a fun infographic on survey findings, it turns out that 57% of men say that kissing is the best kind of foreplay while only 48% of women agree. Though don’t try to kiss his neck, only 40% of men said that’s their favorite erogenous zone while 62% of women said they love their neck caressed. Tokii explains:

“The favorite form of foreplay for both male and female is still a kiss, as the first kiss and every kiss thereafter communicates need, desire, and interest.”

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This is great news to know with Valentine’s Day coming up, isn’t it? Now when you stress about what to get your special someone, just remember: a really good kiss goes a long way.

Is kissing your favorite way to express love for your man?

Image via martingarri/flickr