Gisele is a fierce Latina wife! (VIDEO)

Wow,  I already had some newfound respect for Gisele after she sent out that sappy, but adorable letter to all her closest friends and family asking them to to pray for her hubby ahead of Super Bowl 2012.

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After her hubby's loss yesterday, she proved that not only is she supportive, she will also defend New England Patriots QB Tom Brady until the end, and for that, we have even MORE respect for her! She wanted to be there last night to show her solidarity with her family and Brady's team as they battled it out in the biggest game in American sports.

What happened after the game however, is another story in itself.


Gisele was apparently pissed off about the play of her husband's teammates and honestly, we can't blame her. Brady had a minute to try to make a winning run down the field and score a touchdown, which would have put them ahead of the Giants with mere seconds, if any time at all, remaining. But, in spite of a few laser-like throws by Brady, his receivers weren't able to keep it together and dropped a few seriously crucial passes in a row.

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The Brazilian supermodel was NOT happy about this sub-par play and just couldn't keep her mouth shut after being heckled by Giants fans."Eli rules. Eli owns your husband!" the fans screamed at the gorgeous model. To her credit, Gisele gave them a tight smile before walking to the elevators from VIP boxes in Lucas Oil field in Indianapolis.

"My husband can not f***ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time!" Gisele exclaimed with The Insider cameras rolling while waiting to head down to her husband's locker rooms. "I can't believe they dropped the ball so many times."

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Some have said it was bad taste on Gisele's part, but I just do not agree. She was upset about her husband's loss and the truth of the matter is that she was defending the man she loves. Any other Latina would do the same, though perhaps without dropping an F-bomb...

What do you think about her defense of Tom Brady? Was it out of hand?

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