Does your Latino hubby want to be Mr. Mom?

I love my dad, but I really can’t imagine him being Mr. Mom. He’s sort of your typical Latino male: he likes fishing, he’s handy around the house and he thinks he wears the pants as Man of the House when my mom (and any Latina woman, for that matter) will tell you that she’s really the one making all of the decisions behind-the-scenes. I just can’t picture him being the main caregiver as my brother and I grew up. But apparently I may be wrong, according to a new survey from

Apparently 43% of men and 33% of women believe that it’s acceptable for a male partner to be a stay at home dad while 80% of men and women say that chores and raising the kids shouldn’t just be the work of the woman. That’s refreshing to hear but in a culture known for its machismo, does your husband really secretly want to stay at home with the kids?


The popular dating website has just finished their second annual Singles in America survey and dived into the values and opinions of 6,000 people across the country. According to the news reported by The Daily Beast, it seems that we as a society are expanding our views of the family relationship.

I’m not sure that my dad would have made a very good stay-at-home dad. In fact, both of my parents worked hard to give us the American Dream after we first came to this country. But as I meet more men (both Latino and not), I’m happy to learn that they’re turned on by ambitious women, are more likely to experience love at first sight and are so into commitment that they’re willing to settle down with someone who isn’t necessarily a soul mate. And, of course, I’m glad to see that he may even be OK with being Mr. Mom—just in case I want him to be, too.

Does your Latino husband want to be Mr. Mom? Would you be OK with your hubby being a stay at home dad?

Image via John Carleton/flickr