It's February, and you're probably seeing double (triple!) in the form of little red hearts hanging everywhere. This month inspires romance, and begs everyone to dream about love and being loved. Of course I'm a firm believer that EVERY day should be Valentine's Day, with all the reasons to celebrate love, friendship and family. Why is it that all those cute, bubbly, unexpected expressions of love are reserved exclusively for one date on the calendar? I say we should open it up and let romantic breakfasts in bed and little gifts of affection be more the rule than the exception in everyday life!

So, I dare you to start with something as simple as an "I love you", un "Te amo." And I don´t mean just spit it out and you´re done. I mean an "I love you" that can be said in new, creative ways…


Hallmark created its first Valentine´s Day card back in 1913 and by the beginning of this century, the company offered close to 1,330 Valentine's cards to choose from. The widely popular date is marked by an exchange of close to 140 million cards! Good for them, but if you want your "I love you" to stand out, please don't drop everything on the 14th and run to the nearest store to pick up the first Valentine's card you find!!!

Use texts, emails or even sticky notes to let him know TODAY the many reasons why he still gives you butterflies in your stomach, why he's the one you want to fall asleep next to every night, and why no one makes huevos rancheros like him on Sunday mornings! And here´s the twist… finish each message with an  "I love you" in another language. At the end of the day, let him know your love for him goes beyond language barriers. Then seal the moment with a passionate kiss (no need for translation of course!)

Eu te amo (Brazilian Portuguese)
T'estim (Catalan)
Wo ai ni (Manderin)
Je t'aime (French)
S'agapo (Greek)
Ani ohevet otcha (Hebrew)
Ti amo (Italian)
Ya lyublyu tebya (Russian)
Te amo (Spanish) 

You see? Adding sizzle to your relationship is not so hard after all! Going out of your comfort zone will be a welcome surprise and will reveal your creative side.

And here´s another idea! Join the MamásLatinas "Spice Up Your Love Life Challenge" to find other excuses to make time for love and get you and your amorcito closer together. Register here now (the challenge starts today and runs through February 14th) for your opportunity to get fabulous daily tips and to win great prizes! What better excuse to say yes to love today?

Images via Imágenes vía Jeff Kubina, lobymustard/flickr