Spanish is a romance language for more reasons than just the fact that it’s descended from Latin.I mean, words really just sound so much sexier in Spanish. Apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks so. Did you know that “Love” and “I love you” are some of the most searched Spanish terms on the internet? See, I told you it was the language of love!

Spanish has a lyrical, seductive sound. What woman hasn’t fallen for a man who has whispered sweet nothings in her ear in a foreign language? For us Latinas who speak Spanish, we have the added benefit of actually understanding what our lover is saying.


But does it really matter? Um, probably not! Let’s keep it real, if someone said, “I want to make love to you,” they may be rewarded with a slap in the face. But, “Quiero hacerte el amor,” and hello… I think we’re looking at a guy who’s about to get lucky.

Just like Ana de la Reguera declared in her hysterical Kahlua commercial, it just makes everything more…eeentriguing!

All you have to do to understand where Ana and I are coming from is to listen to literally any love song by Juan Luis Guerra, one of the best Latin music composers to ever live. Take one of his most famous songs, “Como Abeja al Panal”:

Quiéreme como te quiero a ti, dame tu amor sin medida. Búscame como abeja al panal, y da la miel de mi vida.

If you just read that and it didn’t make you smile, you should probably get that heart of yours checked out by a doctor. Now in English, the lyrics just don’t move the soul as much.

Love me like I love you, give me your love without measure. Look for me like a bee looks for their hive, and give me the honey of my life.

Eh, it just doesn’t feel as good! For this and so many other reasons, I’m declaring Spanish the language of love (take THAT French and Italian). Do you agree with me? Do sweet nothings sound that much sweeter to you when whispered in Español?