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Groom arrested for groping pregnant bartender on his wedding night

33-year-old groom Mark Williams was arrested on his wedding night for groping a pregnant bartender and trying to force feed her alcohol during his OWN WEDDING. Talk about a groom from hell! According to CBS News, things got even uglier when the mother-to-be called her boyfriend and told him about the incident. He rushed to the scene and that's when the craziness got out of control. 

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Woman goes from newlywed to widow in less than 48 hours

This is such a sad, sad story. An Army veteran and his newlywed wife were on their way to spend their first night together as a married couple in Indiana Saturday night, when they saw a car stranded on the side of the snowy road. Knowing he had to help the driver, William "Riley" Knight parked his car in a nearby driveway and went to check it out while his wife waited in the truck. Unfortunately, he never made it back.

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3 Sisters wed in last-minute ceremony so dying mom can be there

The mother of three sisters died on Monday, just one day after her daughters each got married in a last-minute triple ceremony. In this heartwarming albeit sad story, the three women had already agreed to sacrifice their individual wedding plans so that their mother who had been battling cancer for four years could see them be married, and had set the date for October 26. However, at the very last moment, they had to move the date up, as their mom's condition had worsened. With the help of their Snelville, Georgia, community, Becky Swales was able to see her girls walk down the aisle with their father.

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Crazy man tries to force fiancee to swallow diamond engagement ring

In one of the most bizarre stories I've heard all week, a 29-year-old Orlando, Florida man was arrested after he tried to force his fiancée to swallow her diamond engagement ring! Um…I know wedding planning drives people crazy but this is a little extreme, don't you think?

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Taco Bell is the new hot wedding venue for chalupa-obsessed couples

Every woman dreams of her wedding day and hopes to have a fairy tale celebration complete with a cute flower girl, ring bearer, doves--you name it. But would your ideal wedding venue orproposal spot be Taco Bell? Yes, I'm referring to the popular fast food joint where as we have learned, many couples have taken their vows there.

As shocking as it may sound, this wouldn't be the first restaurant to accommodate couples for their nuptials. If you remember, the Denny's in Las Vegas has a chapel so you can get married amid the scents of pancakes and sausage. I guess these wedding venues work if you're into that sort of thing…

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Huge Philadelphia wedding brawl caught on tape! (VIDEO)

Weddings are supposed to be happy occasions, but that definitely wasn't the case at two Philadelphia receptions this past weekend, when an all-out brawl broke out between guests! In a shocking video taken by a hotel guest and posted to YouTube yesterday morning, both wedding parties drunkenly battle against baton-wielding cops as a woman screams in the background.

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5 siblings plus 1 blowout wedding equals a HUGE party! (VIDEO)

I'm nowhere near ready to get married yet. I've never given my hypothetical wedding day a lot of thought--but these five siblings made me realize, I need to start considering the things I DON'T want. 

Walker, Syndey, Bradford, and Emily Waldie of Arizona, became engaged to their significant others within weeks of each other. Then their father, Doug, suggested that they have a "mega wedding. " The idea was to save their parents some money while giving them all a special ceremony, so the tight knit group were married through a Mormon church in Mesa, Arizona last Friday. Although the joint wedding may sound like a disastrous idea for some, for thius happy family, everything went without a hitch!

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How my friend redefined "family" (VIDEO)

Last week, I visited my dear friends Will, Juan, and their son Oliver during our family vacation. I hadn't seen them in a long time and was shocked to learn that they were in the middle of a lawsuit against the Roanoke Athletic Club in Virginia.

Essentially what happened was that they signed up for a "family membership" and began to use the facilities. Just one week later they got a call from the club's director of operations revoking their membership, stating that the club had made a mistake, since Will, Juand and Oliver did not really meet their "definition of family". Family was defined by the club as, "a husband, wife and their children ages 21 and younger living at home."

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