4 Cosas que cambian allá abajo cuando envejeces​


Es imposible evitar las huellas del paso del tiempo en cada parte de nuestro cuerpo, y las partes íntimas no son la excepción. Existen varios padecimientos que se pueden presentar a medida que envejecemos, particularmente después de los 40. Estos son algunos de ellos y cómo los puedes superar.

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11 Things you should NEVER do to your vagina


We're definitely living in what has become a vagina-obsessed world. Everywhere I turn I'm hearing about a new trend for down there: from vagina facials, to bleaching (because apparently our vaginas are too brown), to rejuvenation surgery to labiaplasty--its nuts! The latest hype now is the V-steam. It's basically a spa treatment that helps steam your vagina with herbs. How weird is that? It's nothing new but has become even more popular after Gwyneth Paltrow started raving about it!

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DIY vagina facial recipe, would you try it?

Over the years I've become pretty high maintenance when it comes to my beauty routine. I apply oil, serum, moisturizer and eye cream to my face morning and night. I get my hair professionally blown out every week, I get pedicures all year long and the same goes for Brazilian waxes. And just recently I've started to get seasonal facials. But there's one new beauty treatment I'll probably never have the guts to include in my regimen and it's the vajacial, a.k.a facial for your vagina!

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Cuidados comunes de higiene femenina podrían ser dañinos para tu salud


La utilización de productos femeninos, los cuales intentan aminorar los olores por allá abajito, no son tan buenos como parece. Así lo asegura el doctor Austin Ugwumadu, especialista en ginecología, basándose en estudios que respaldan esta idea.

Aunque prometan frescura y limpieza, algunos de estos productos atentan contra el balance químico natural de la piel de la vagina, propiciando las infecciones y evitando que las mismas sean descubiertas en el consultorio médico. ¡Lo natural es lo mejor aunque parezca lo contrario!

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13 Very important things you NEED to know before your next wax


The first time I got my bikini waxed, I did so on impulse. I'd been walking around the city, when I walked passed a random salon offering a sale on Brazilian waxes when I decided, YOLO, and walked in to ask a strange woman to rip hair out of my most intimate area, by the root. That, it turns out, was a bad idea. I was so not prepared for what was about to go down. I didn't know that I was supposed to have prepped my lovely lady bits or that I couldn't do certain things right after getting her de-fuzzed. I also didn't know what I should have been looking for in a good quality salon. It's not like health inspectors go around slapping letter grades on waxing salons like they do cuchifritos. If only!

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10 Ways C-sections & vaginal births are basically the same


No matter the details of your labor--whether it involved an epidural and a hospital bed, a water birth overseen by a midwife, or an elective or emergency C-section--there are certain commonalities between all baby deliveries. Don't think so? Check out our list of 10 ways in which C-sections and vaginal births are essentially identical.

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8 Dangerous mistakes you're making in the bathroom


The bathroom is typically the place we get fresh and clean and visit frequently throughout the day. But there are certain habits you could be guilty of that could put you at greater risk for illnesses and infectious diseases. Below, eight mistakes you need to correct right away to prevent spreading bacteria onto others.

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8 Foods to eat for a healthy vagina


We all know what to eat to ward off heart disease, nurture our hair and skin, and keep our general health in check, but what about more specific organs that could benefit from some dietary attention? Women, it's time we gave ourselves a little love down below and I'm not talking about masturbation. There are other ways to make sure we're being good to our vaginas so let's list out the yummy foods you can eat to make sure your vagina is always happy and healthy.

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5 Weird vaginal problems & how to fix them


Being a woman is not for the faint of heart. I'm serious. It is some kind of biological responsibility. There are hormones and changes all throughout life to deal with and it feels like just when you get used to one stage, you start going into the next. Then there's your vagina and all its health issues

Your vagina, on occasion, can start acting funny. No, not like telling jokes or anything like that. More like there you are minding your own business, doing what you normally do and your vagina decides to do something out of the ordinary and you're all like, "OMG! Why is my vagina doing that? What does it mean and what should I do about it?" Don't worry, all vagina owners go through it at some point or another. You shouldn't freak out, but you should pay attention.

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7 Vaginal odors you want to watch out for


Listen up chica, it's perfectly normal for your va-jay-jay to have some sort of smell. Don't expect it to smell like flowers, though! Every woman experiences feminine odor and your daily activities and diet could play a huge part. Like, after a serious gym session or if you eat lots of onions, garlic and asparagus. But believe me, there's a BIG difference between a natural vagina smell and a smell that could be indicating you have an infection. The trick is to know the difference!

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