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Pregnant school girl mannequins are taking over Venezuela

Pregnant school girl mannequins may be the last thing you would expect to bump into at your local mall, but in Venezuela the plastic dolls are way too real. With nearly 30 million people living in Venezuela, the statistics on teen pregnancy is scary with one girl getting pregnant every three minutes. 

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Couple wants to adopt baby they found in the trash & you will not believe what's stopping them

A couple interested in adopting the newborn they rescued from a trash can last week has begun the adoption process. The only issue is that the mother of the discarded newborn and her own parents still hold the rights to the child even though they tried to throw the baby away! Jimmy and Annette Alvarez briefly cared for the baby after a homeless man found the child in a dumpster near Sunnyside Apartments in Merced, California, wrapped in a towel, covered in gnats, and with her umbilical cord sill attached.

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Brother & sister have a baby together, give it up for adoption

Two years after a 13-year-old Irish girl gave birth to her 15-year-old brother's child, a judge has ordered that the toddler boy be placed for adoption. Though the child was placed with another couple within months of his birth, the mother had yet to officially consent to the child's adoption. After hearing from social services experts familiar with the mother's case, interviewing a child and adolescent psychologist who analyzed the mother, and assessing reports from educational psychologists on her cognitive reasoning skills, a judge ruled that the mother was incapable of making a decision regarding her child's adoption. Given her lack of competence, the judge determined that the court had the authority to green-light the child's adoption. But if you think this is all crazy, wait ... it sadly gets worse.

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Triplets born to 13-year-old Latina girl & you'll never believe who the dad is

A 13-year-old girl in the Dominican Republic capital of Santo Domingo gave birth to triplets this Tuesday. She's 13 years old and she had three babies at once, that's just nuts. She and the babies are fine and well, although the babies will be staying in the intensive care unit of the hospital Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia for a bit because they were born at 34 weeks. They were teeny tiny weighing in at 4.2, 3, and 3.7 pounds. The teen mom is happy over the birth of her boys, whom she named Samuel, Josué and Jovanny. I can't tell you how the father feels because he's a fugitive. Oh yeah, as in running for the hills kind of fugitive. Wait, until I tell you why?

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Teen mom raped by her stepfather does the unthinkable after giving birth

A teen mom has committed a horrific crime after being the victim of one herself. Police in El Salvador say the 15-year-old girl gave birth to a baby girl in the bathroom of her own home unbeknownst to her family who had no idea she was pregnant. She then used the same knife with which she had cut the umbilical chord to stab her newborn baby to death. It's not hard to imagine her mother's shocked reaction, especially after finding out who was the father of the baby.

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Latina teen carried her dead baby in bag for shoplifting trip (VIDEO)

A teen suspected of shoplifting at a Victoria's Secret in New York City on Thursday was found to be carrying a dead fetus inside a plastic bag, according to police.

17-year-old Tiona Rodriguez was first apprehended after a security guard spotted her and a friend swiping items off the rack and called the authorities. Officers responded to what they thought was a routine petty theft. But when they approached the teens, they noticed a strong odor coming from one of the bags. That's when the horrifying discovery was made.

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'Devious Maids' Paula Garces on being a teen mom: "I never let it stop me from going for my dreams"

While a lot of people may not know it, actress Paula Garces had a baby at a very young age. "When I first got pregnant I was 17 and it was a very scary and stressful time for me," Garces tells in an interview.

"I knew I wanted to have my daughter Skye right away, but being a teenage mom was difficult," she says.

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17-year-old dancer had no idea she was pregnant until she went into labor

I thought I heard the craziest I-didn't-know-I was-pregnant story earlier this week, but then I learned about a 17-year-old dancer who was oblivious to her pregnancy. Jodie Smith had experienced such painful stomach cramps on Monday evening that her mother, 47-year-old Lesley, had to take her to the hospital to be checked.

Much to their surprise it turned out that Jodie was pregnant and actually in labor. Shockingly Jodie had NO idea she was having a baby because she never experienced pregnancy symptoms. Even MORE baffling is the fact that midwives say the infant was weeks overdue! 

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You'll never believe these shocking anti-pregnancy ads! (PHOTOS)


What's the best way to prevent teen pregnancy? Preventing all teens from having sex is pretty much impossible, so the Chicago Department of Public Health is stirring controversy with a rather unusual idea: billboards with shocking photos of pregnant teen boys, like the one here and others you can see below.

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Misguided ad campaign uses threats & putdowns in attempt to prevent teen pregnancy

Shaming and ridiculing teens is definitely NOT the correct way to prevent teenage pregnancies--which is why I think New York City's newest campaign to prevent adolescents from becoming parents is horrible and terribly misguided.

The U.S. is one of the few developed countries with a very high rate of teenage pregnancies, something which I've never really understood. We're living in a pretty modern country where, despite the fact that poverty and lack of education do exist, we're so much better off than many other places in the world. Rampant teen pregnancies is why I've always maintained that it's extremely important to speak clearly and openly to teens regarding how to prevent pregnancy, but also about their options once they do become pregnant.

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