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Mom dresses baby like Celia Cruz & other famosos while she sleeps


For photographer and new mom Laura Izumikawa, dressing her infant daughter Joey has turned her into an internet sensation. The L.A.-based artist plays dress up with her daughter while she naps and turns her into fun pop culture icons. Her baby girl definitely makes a beautiful Celia Cruz double! Check out the other cute looks.

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Kim Kardashian, J. Balvin + 9 other celebs having fun on Snapchat


Are you obssesed with Snapchat? So am I! Some of our favorite celebs--Chiquis Rivera and Kim Kardashian -- are having so much fun on the social media platform. Take a look at what they're doing with the filters. They're funny, sometimes bizarre, but always entertaining.

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11 Selfie fails that will make you feel better about yourself


The perfect selfie is like the Holy Grail. Everybody wants it, but it's impossible to achieve, unless you're  Kim Kardashian of course, who has even published a book with hundreds of pages of them and made them an artform. However, some selfies are more imperfect than others and I found some of the worst. Take a look and prepare to at the very least chuckle and have a clear list of what NEVER do.

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5 Cosas que identifican a una mamá mexicana (VIDEO EXCLUSIVO)

Hay ciertas cosas que nos distinguen a las mamás mexicanas. Si bien no todas somos iguales, y nuestras costumbres y tradiciones varían según la región de dónde vengamos, hay detalles que nos hacen ser muy mexicanas, estemos donde estemos. ¿Te identificas con alguno de éstas? Mira el video y dime.

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10 Pictures of your kids that should NEVER EVER go on social media

social PHOTOS

Social media encourages us to document every moment of our lives and share it with the world. For parents, this often means posting snaps of our kids and sharing them everywehre. But could we potentially be setting them up for embarrassment or even jeopardizing their physical safety or emotional well-being? Here are 10 tips on the types of photos you should reconsider sharing online.

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Shakira fans go off on Gerard Piqué after he hit her in the face with a ball! (VIDEO)


Helloooo! Sense of humor? That's what I wanted to tell Shakira fans who lashed out at Gerard Piqué for a video that the Colombian singer shared on her Facebook account. You have to see it and then read what some irate fans have said to the football star. In my opinion, it's not that big of a deal!

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Latino holds a gun to baby's head, posts pics for fun (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)


I love a good joke, don't you? I laugh easily and I fancy myself as someone who has a good sense of humor and isn't easily offended, but you know what's not EVER funny? Pointing a gun at a baby's head. That's why I don't get why 26-year-old Luis Martin Perez Rocha took pictures of himself holding a gun to his 2-year-old nephew's head and then posted them on Facebook as if they were images that made him proud, images that others would delight in seeing. The images are horrifying and when people saw them they flipped the funk out because seeing a baby with a gun to the head is not something you want to see EVER. I'm pretty sure that when you see the image below your jaw will hit the floor.

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Teacher shares bikini photo of student with the entire school


During an assembly on Internet etiquette and why it is NOT wise to post certain things online, a teacher humiliated a 15-year-old female student by showing an enlarged photo of the girl in her bikini to over one hundred students in attendance.

The 15-year-old girl says that the teacher humiliated her. The teacher at Eggbuckland Community College swiped the photo from the girl's Facebook page and then used it to illustrate the dangerous pitfalls of posting private images online. Dangerous pitfalls like your teacher swiping your bikini photo and showing it to the entire school in giant, living color. The student is understandably distraught.

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Dad labeled child pornographer for posting beautiful pics of his daughter

When photographer Wyatt Neumann embarked on a cross-country road trip with his 2-year-old daughter Stella, he picked up his beloved camera to document their adventure and, in the process, capture beautiful moments and memories in his toddler's life. He did not, however, expect that these images--many of which he shared on Instagram — would place him at the center of a social media witch hunt, with users leaving messages accusing him of being a "child exploiter," "pervert," and "pedophile."


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#Stylethebump: Chic pregnant bellies are all the rage

#stylethebump PHOTOS

Did I just find the best hashtag trend on the internet? I think so! It's #stylethebump and features pregnant women posting pictures of their baby bumps and how they are styling themselves. So cute and so inspiring!

How I would have loved to have seen this when I was pregnant. Yes, there are so many more style options for pregnant women nowadays than there were once upon a time, but it's still hard at times to figure out how to dress like you when your body is in a constant state of change. #Stylethebump offers all kinds of ideas and is a celebration of style during pregnancy. 

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