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Facebook bans mom who posted pics of baby born with severe birth defects


Heather Walker's son Grayson James Walker was born with Anencephaly, a condition that means the baby was born without parts of his brain and skull. The very brave Walker chose to go through the whole pregnancy, despite knowing that there was a high possibility of her baby boy dying upon delivery.

Like any new mom, Walker took pictures of Grayson when he was born and posted them on Facebook for family and friends to see. Unfortunately, the social media site almost immediately banned her pictures. 

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Flu-stricken mom gives birth to baby while in a coma


A 19-year-old Kansas woman miraculously gave birth to a healthy baby boy while she was in a medically induced coma. Abigail Unruh was stricken with the flu while she was seven months pregnant and had not been vaccinated. What she believed to be a common cold turned out to be a powerful flu that turned into pneumonia. 

The mom-to-be was taken to Overland Park Regional Medical Center where doctors desperately tried to save her by putting her in a coma. The result was shocking!

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Girl goes into labor in dorm room & bleeds to death after stillbirth (VIDEO)

A 19-year-old college student was discovered dead in her dorm room on Tuesday after giving birth to a stillborn fetus over the weekend. Ayaanah Gibson was studying at Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina, and her mother and grandmother--who together describe her as "loving" and "happy"--claim she could not have known that she was pregnant. Medical examiners have reported that she bled to death due to complications related to the birth of her baby.

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41-year-old woman thought she was constipated, gives birth to surprise baby

We usually know when our bodies are acting a bit off, especially when it comes to pooping issues. One woman received the shock of a lifetime after thinking she was constipated, only to learn that she was pregnant! The 41-year-old British mom, Amanda Ross, had gone to the doctor to address that she was experiencing stomach cramping and believed she needed medicine for constipation. Instead the doctor gave her a whole new prescription and told her to see a midwife because she was with child.

Little did Ross know that she was seven to eight months pregnant and was 15 hours away from giving birth to a healthy baby girl named Chloe. Holy cow!

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Teen mom who stuffed dead newborn in car trunk deserves to rot in jail

An Ohio mechanic got the shock of a lifetime after he discovered the dead body of a newborn in a trunk of a car he was working on. The infant had been wrapped in a blanket and stuffed in a copy paper box before being placed in the trunk. Police managed to track down the baby's mother, a 17-year-old unnamed woman who admitted she didn't know she was pregnant until she gave birth back around January or February.  

The car had been brought by some girls the week before to mechanic, Ronnie Hamilton, whose fiancé Mary Enderby said something was off about the teens. And boy was she right…

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Marathon mom didn't know she was pregnant until she went into labor!

Imagine training for a half marathon and experiencing soreness only to find out that you're in labor--when you DIDN'T even know you were pregnant. This is what happened to 33-year-old mother of seven Trish Staine who was shocked to find out that the discomfort she felt after exercising were really labor pains! The Minnesota mom, who was unaware that she was even pregnant, was taken by ambulance to a hospital after experiencing severe back pains from what she thought was caused by training on a hilly surface. Instead she was given the surprise of a lifetime when doctors informed her that she was about to have a baby.  

This story only gets more shocking because of one MAJOR tidbit that involves her 47-year-old husband. Prepare to be blown away…

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Premature baby born DRUNK after irresponsible mom goes on drinking binge

A woman is facing jail time after going on a drinking binge while heavily pregnant, and almost killing her unborn baby. The 24-year-old new mother from Tomaszow, Poland collapsed trying to buy more alcohol at an off-license location which allows customers to bring alcohol outside of their premises.

The infant, who was born DRUNK, was clinging to his life after doctors had to perform an emergency C-section on the mother due to the high levels of alcohol in her bloodstream. The amount is so extreme that it makes this story EVEN more shockingly disturbing…

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Mom who hid pregnancy & suffocated twins to death deserves the harshest punishment possible

Lindsey Lowe somehow managed to hide her pregnancy (with TWINS nonetheless), gave birth to the boys on the toilet, smothered them to death, and then dumped them in a laundry basket. I've always wondered what compels some women to kill their newborns. It's so morbid, but it seems to happen pretty frequently. 

Lowe's trial just began for the gruesome crimes which occurred in Tennessee back in September of 2011. Lowe who is now 26, had secretly given birth in her parents' home and then covered the babies' mouths as she killed them to stifle their screams. She kept her pregnancy a secret until her folks discovered the deceased babies two days after their birth. If convicted, Lowe faces two counts of first-degree murder charges and life in prison without parole. Ugh, how sickening!

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Woman hands unsuspecting man a bag containing bloody newborn & just drives away (VIDEO)

A poor Virginia man was left in utter shock when he was handed a bag with a HUGE surprise inside. Jason Goldfarb was visiting his girlfriend this past weekend at Maryview Hospital in Portsmouth, Virginia when he had the eeriest encounter with a woman at the hospital entrance. The woman jumped out of a car and handed him a trash bag before speeding off and vanishing. When Goldfarb looked inside, he was shocked to discover a blood-soaked tiny baby boy!


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Mom names newborn twins Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

A mom in Kenya recently gave birth to twins and decided to give them very presidential names: Millicent Owuor of Kenya named her newborns Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. The proud mom gave birth to her sons in a town called Kogelo, where the President's father was born.

Owuor reportedly went into labor on Election Day as the world awaited the results. And it seems like she wanted to keep history alive through her children!

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