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Little girl survives plane crash that killed her entire family & walks to get help


A small plane crashed in Lyon County, Kentucky on Friday night and sadly killed four people, but left only one survivor. Mom, 45-year-old Kimberly Gutzler, dad, 49-year-old Marty Gutzler, their daughter, 9-year-old Piper and their cousin, 14-year-old Sierra Walder, died in the horrific crash that occurred after engine failure when the family was traveling back to Nashville, Illinois from their Key West, Florida New Years vacation. The only survivor? The Gutzlers' 7-year-old daughter, whose name is not being released out of respect for the family.

But the little girl was not only faced with the worst thing anyone could ever experience: seeing the dead bodies of her parents, big sister and cousin, she was forced to act. And act she did.

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Ebola virus kills U.S. citizen & here's why you should be scared


Okay, I'm completely scared now. Health officials say that the possibility that the deadly ebola virus, which has claimed more than 600 victims in western Africa, comes to the U.S. are remote, but I feel like they really have to double check their information. Especially in light of the recent news that Patrick Sawyer, a Minnesota resident, has died of the feared disease during a trip to Nigeria. Imagine what could have happened had he returned home to the U.S. before exhibiting symptoms. Chilling.

Ebola is the worst virus that exists in the world today and there's a serious outbreak right now. The virus blocks the body's ability to coagulate blood and kills its victims of hemorrhages within 10 days. You have to find out how to protect yourself.

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Abigail Hernandez: Missing teen back home after 9 months & no one knows what happened


Last October we reported the story of Abigail Hernandez--a 15-year-old girl who had mysteriously vanished from her hometown of North Conway, New Hampshire on her way home from school. Now, nine months later, Abigail has just as mysteriously returned home--but her family as well as authorities have yet to explain what went on during those nine months.

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WATCH: 3-year-old girl comes back to life at her own funeral!

There is nothing more horrible than the death of a child and nothing more shocking than to open the coffin to find that she's still alive. A viral video captures the scene as a 3-year-old girl in Zamboanga del Sur in the Philippines was lifted from her coffin after being pronounced dead the day before.

A relative had opened the coffin to look at the girl's remains and noticed her head move. She had been declared dead in the hospital the day before after suffering from a high fever, according to news reports. Can you imagine? One minute you've suffered the greatest loss imaginable and then next you're living a miracle?

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Toddler missing during family picnic found dead in lake & it can happen to any of us


A family outing turned into every parent's worst nightmare when 2-year-old Ruhshona Kurbonova drowned in Prospect Park lake in Brooklyn Saturday after wandering off with a 4-year-old relative. The saddest part of this story though? It's something that can happen to any of us ...

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Drunk mom makes kids ride on hood of car & the unthinkable happens


A drunk mom in Texas was arrested after a pool outing with her kids and her friend's kids. Kisha Young and her friend took their combined six kids earlier this week on Tuesday to the Creekside Community Pool in Crowley, Texas where the family probably had a fun sun-filled day. Nothing wrong yet, right? Well, it seems the moms had a little too much fun drinking while their kids chilled down and when they left on their way back home,  39-year-old Young decided that it would be a really bad idea if her kids and friends' kids rode inside her Chevy Malibu. Well you know what's a worse idea? Making the kids ride on the hood and in the trunk of the car. Of course, this story only gets worse …

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911 Operator needs to be fired for telling rape victim to "quit crying"

A 911 dispatcher is under fire after she reportedly expressed zero sympathy to a recent rape victim, coldly telling the caller to "quit crying." Can you believe that?!

Apparently, the incident occurred just after 4 a.m. last Sunday. An unidentified woman was staying with a friend at a house just off the Ohio State University campus when a stranger woke up her up, holding her at gunpoint and forcing her to perform sex acts.  The unidentified victim, left obviously shaken, called police immediately after the horrifying ordeal. But the response she got from the operator was not what was she was expecting.

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Dad arrested for accidentally giving 11-week-old baby meth

A Phoenix man has been arrested after feeding his 11-week-old baby methamphetamine--accidentally. Police say 24-year-old Christopher Telles stuck his thumb in his son's mouth in an effort to calm him and stop him from crying. Unfortunately, that thumb was covered in meth at the time.

Sigh. Looks like we have another candidate for parent of the year over here, folks.

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SEE: The armed man hunting cops & still on the run

Canadian police have launched a massive manhunt for a 24-year-old man who allegedly shot and killed three officers in a gun battle on Wednesday night.

The deadly exchange took place after police received a call about an armed man dressed in camouflage, walking around the north end of the city in Moncton, New Brunswick. Authorities confronted the suspect, later identified as Justin Borque (seen above), eventually exchanging gunfire that killed three officers and left another two injured. Now, authorities, who released an image of Borque on Twitter, are urging people in the area to stay inside their homes for safety purposes.

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WATCH heroic man rescues baby from 2nd-story fall

A 1-year-old baby was rescued by a passerby after falling from a second-story window of an apartment building in a southern Chinese city. The moment of rescue was all caught in some very dramatic surveillance footage--and trust me, you won't be able to help but gasp when you see it.

The toddler apparently climbed out on a ledge, looking for his mother during a heavy thunderstorm. Thankfully, a local street vendor was nearby and didn't hesitate before springing into action.

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