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8 Bizarre Republican National Convention moments that will go down in history


The Republican National Convention is over and Donald Trump is officially that party's presidential candidate. At first, I just made fun of the whole thing. There was a lot of craziness going on in Cleveland. But by the end, I was crying and more convinced than ever that I must vote in November. Now I vow to convince as many people as I can to do the same. Let me show you why I say that.

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Illegal Immigrant "Barbie" is the most offensive toy ever


I'd like to think I have a good sense of humor about things, but I'm not amused by fools who like to poke fun of people who are often subjected to systemic discrimination. Comedy and humor website Points in Case recently published images on how they feel Barbie should be updated for the 21st century and one of them includes "Illegal Immigrant" Barbie. Can you believe this crap? It's disgusting how offensive this doll is--it's not funny AT ALL!

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Teacher who molested over 60 kids wants to bring their immigration status to court


Remember the revolting case of former Los Angeles elementary school teacher Mark Berndt who was convicted of molesting 23 children at Miramonte Elementary School? He fed some of his students semen cookies. Ugh! Well, he's in jail, but some of the poor kids that he abused are in my opinion being abused even further and this time by attorneys representing the Los Angeles Unified School District. Attorneys for LAUSD have asked a judge to allow the immigration status of the victims' families to be brought up in court. Are you kidding me? What the heck does the families' immigration status have to do with having been molested?

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Salvadorian family narrowly escapes gang murder & that's just the beginning

A family of five children went through hellish conditions while crossing the border illegally for a better life in the U.S., but it was what they witnessed in their native country of El Salvador that pushed them to emigrate. Their mom Teresa Ortiz explained to Fox News Latino that her children witnessed a horrific gang-related murder right outside of their abuela's house. They saw a 21-year-old man get gunned down by gang members, also known as maras. I cannot imagine how that horrific event scarred these innocent kids. Once the gang members noticed that the kids had witnessed the crime, they also threatened to kill the entire Ortiz family. Teresa knew that she needed out.

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WATCH: Eva Longoria like you've never seen (or heard) her

Eva Longoria has been so busy producing network television shows and advocating for U.S. Latino and immigrant rights, that it's sometimes easy to forget she's an actress. But she is, and she has a new film to prove it.

Longoria will star alongside Michael Peña in the gripping new drama, Frontera. The film follows Miguel (played by Michael Peña), a hardworking father and husband who crosses the Arizona-Mexico border illegally and is wrongfully accused of murdering the wife of a former sheriff. Distraught and desperate to help her husband, Miguel's pregnant wife (played by Longoria) attempts to cross the border, only to land in the hands of corrupt Mexican Coyote smugglers. Meanwhile, the ex-lawman is on a mission to uncover the truth behind his wife's death--a truth that may very well destroy one family's future.

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7-year-old makes brutal journey to U.S. from Honduras to find her mom

You may want to grab a box of tissues before continuing on. A 7-year-old little girl named Aimee was caught crossing the U.S. border from Mexico in search of her mother.  When border security stopped the child, who was found in Texas, and asked where she was going she nervously replied, "The U.S."

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WATCH: Fox host freaks out over immigrant who called 911 for dying brother


Fox News' Fox & Friends aired some kind of disgustingness today where hosts acted shocked that emergency responders are "forced" to help Spanish-speakers in life and death situations even if it is suspected that they are undocumented immigrants. Fox News host Steve Doocy opened his offensive pie hole and said, "They stumbled across the border illegally and now they need your help!?" Are you FREAKIN' kidding me?

You know what I find shocking? That so-called educated hosts would entertain the idea that the right choice in a life and death situation for a HUMAN BEING would be to let the person die because it is more cost effective. Ugh, it's so disgusting that these talking heads can sit there and spew this nonsense and yes, I've got a clip of this vileness to share with you.

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The 5 most outrageous things people are saying about the migrant children crisis


I've been trying to avoid the topic of the migrant children from Central America from a while now. My kids check out some of my posts and I'm convinced that knowing about how their country is treating thousands of children like them would break their hearts. However, the stupid things that some people are saying about this humanitarian crisis are just too much. It's gotten to a point that I feel it's immoral to keep quiet. 

These 5 are some of the worst. I have to warn you, they range from stupid and ignorant to plain racist. Since there is little we can actually do to help in practical terms, the least we can do is to spread the word. Ready?

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Sending immigrant kids back home should be ILLEGAL

Imagine traveling thousands of miles to the U.S., only to be turned away and told that you're not wanted here. Now imagine if you were just a child. This is the reality faced by 8-year-old Alejandro, who was stopped by a Border Patrol agent at the Texas border after traveling from his home in Honduras to join his parents in the United States. In a split second, Alejandro's three-week journey to the U.S. came undone, as he now faced the possibility of detainment and deportation. 

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Decomposed body found in Texas desert is a little boy & it's heartbreaking


Gilberto Francisco Ramos Juarez, an 11-year-old boy from Guatemala, was found dead on June 15 about a mile from the Rio Bravo, which separates the U.S. and Mexico along the Texas border. When this little boy's body was found it was already decomposing. Apparently, he had been laying there in the desert exposed to the elements for about 25 days. Authorities believe that the child died of heat exposure. He had no food and no water. The only reason that authorities were even able to identify him is because they found his brother's Chicago address scribbled on the inside of the belt buckle he was wearing.

This child's story is important. This is a story we all need to be invested in.

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