Miracle toddler survives 30 minutes without a heartbeat thanks to THIS


This really goes to show that you should always keep a watchful eye on your kids while they play. Last month, Gardell Martin, a toddler from Pennsylvania, was playing with his two brothers when he accidently slipped on melted snow and fell in his neighborhood creek. The water temperature was beyond frigid and the stream carried the 22-month-old a quarter mile away from his home. What happened next was truly an act of a higher power. 

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10 Foods that fight gas & bloating

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Suffering from gas and bloating is one of the most uncomfortable symptoms to have to face in public. Of course, the feeling starts coming on during your commute or while you're in an office meeting. Luckily, there are natural food remedies that can help blast the gas and keep your belly flat--and happy. Check out ten foods that can help you fight gas every single day! 

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#ImNoAngel: Powerful plus-size lingerie campaign celebrates real women's bodies!


We've always known that real women have curves, but rarely do you see curvy images sprawled on lingerie ad campaigns. Lane Bryant is changing all of that and celebrating real women's bodies! The clothing store recently launched the #ImNoAngel ad campaign to promote their new line of intimate wear by Cacique. I love that the marketing campaign is clearly giving Victoria Secret an "in your face" snub due to their lack of representing diverse body types. I can't get enough of this inspiring ad and I know you'll feel the same!

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Gaby Espino reveals how she gets the perfect booty (VIDEO)


I've to admit, Gaby Espino has been looking better than ever! The Venezuelan actress split from her partner JenCarlos Canela last year and the single mother of two isn't taking any steps backwards. Lucky for us, she's spreading the self love and showing us how she stays toned and fabulous. During one of her recent sessions with her trainer, Espino made sure to hit the record button to show us how she gets that amazing booty. You seriously don't want to miss this.

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10 Latina celebs reveal their easy post-pregnancy weight loss secrets!

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We all know it's a struggle to start losing the post-pregnancy baby weight, but Latina celebs seem to be pros at it. Of course, we should never compare our journeys with famous people who have "perfection" written as their main job description, but there are a few tips and tricks we can all learn from them. These celebrity post-baby weight loss tricks are truly effortless and easy to do. Try it out for yourselves and you'll be amazed by the results! 

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12 Kitchen tools that are must-haves if you really want to lose weight


Eating healthy isn't hard. I know you might think it's hard--or at least harder than what you're doing now--but it's really not that difficult. At least not if you set yourself up correctly. The easiest way to clean up your diet is to start cooking at home, which can seem like a daunting task, but once you have a few good wholesome recipes under your belt and all the necessary supplies, you can prepare healthful meals in less time than it takes to hit the drive through. Now, I'm not saying you need to go out and purchase all the newest kitchen gadgets at the local big box store, I'm saying that you should make sure your kitchen is thoughtfully stocked with truly functional tools that you will use on a daily basis. Check out my must-haves in the slideshow below.

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12 Powerful detoxing foods that will help you lose weight fast!

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A healthy body starts with a clean foundation. Detoxification gives you just that: a clean system that is ready to absorb powerful nutrients from foods and eradicate cancerous and disease-causing compounds. Here we give you 12 food items that cleanse your system, boost your metabolism, nourish your body and strengthen your immunity.  

Click through the gallery below and learn about the foods that will help you detox and lose weight fast!

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10 Items in your home you should throw out NOW!

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I have a really hard time getting rid of certain things in my home. I don't know why, but it's like I have to hold on to some things until they are literally falling apart or it feels like I'm being wasteful. The truth is that some household items need to be tossed after a certain amount of time and keeping them after that time can actually be detrimental to your health in some cases. So get ready to say good bye to some items that have outlived their usefulness without any guilt whatsoever. Think of it as an excuse to go shopping. You won't believe how happy and lighter it'll make you feel!

Here are 10 things in your home you should throw out now to get you started.

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6 Ways to make your menstrual cycle work FOR you


Let's face it: Aunt Flow isn't exactly a visitor we get excited about each month, but what if I told you that there are ways to make your menstrual cycle work to your advantage? Your period doesn't just come with cramps and crazy mood swings, there are actually some benefits to it. It's true! Below, six ways that you can make your menstrual cycle work for you.

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The Kardashian women's REAL weight loss tricks revealed!

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Most of the Kardashian sisters have been praised for having real curves just like the rest of us. With curves comes the challenge of keeping it tight and right. Kim, Khloe and Kourtney seem to know the drill well. While two of them bounced back after pregnancy, Khloe has been sporting a new tiny frame and she's spilling the truth about how she lost the weight. These six Kardashian weight loss secrets may surprise you! 

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