12 Foods you never knew were actually fake


There are so many options when you enter a super market that it can be overwhelming at times. There are plenty of quick fix meal options that save time and may be marketed as super convenient, but they're packed with fake ingredients made in a lab. Instead, you're buying faux food with a ton of artificial ingredients. The scary and crazy part is that fake foods are way more common in our daily diets than you may think. Check out these 12 foods that are not actually food. Taking a bite out of these may never be the same again.

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Surprising reason you should NEVER put a lemon wedge in your water again!


I've never been a big fan of water. In fact, I practically have to force myself to drink it and it's for this reason whenever I go to a bar or restaurant, I specifically request they add a lemon wedge. But after a recent discovery, I can guarantee you that I will NEVER EVER request a lemon wedge again. Not for my water, not for my beverages, not even for my food! You're not going to believe the kind of germs experts have found in restaurant lemon wedges. Trust me--it will make you gag!

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10 Ways to stay clean & fresh down there

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Smelling down there is a part of natural and every woman has her own natural scent. Even knowing that, sometimes it can be a little concerning and embarrassing when we don't smell our best. As women, we can all relate! Thankfully there are ways to keep your lady parts feeling and smelling their freshest. These tips are pretty life changing if you've ever battled with feminine odor. 

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Yeast infection cures: 10 effective natural remedies you need to know

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A yeast infection down there can suck the joy and happiness out of your life as quickly as it makes itself at home in your lady parts. The bacterial infection is never pleasant and can take days to cure at times. Although there are plenty of over-the-counter options, there are natural home remedies you can try with products right in your home. Blast away your yeast infection naturally and breathe easy with relief. 

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10 Brave celebs who opened up about having abortions


Women know that having an abortion is an experience that stays with you for life. The controversial subject leaves many women feeling like they have to be ashamed or embarrassed about terminating a pregnancy. There are many brave celebrities who have been vocal about their abortions or have hinted to it. As women, we all stand together and support each other through these experiences. 

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Miracle toddler survives 30 minutes without a heartbeat thanks to THIS


This really goes to show that you should always keep a watchful eye on your kids while they play. Last month, Gardell Martin, a toddler from Pennsylvania, was playing with his two brothers when he accidently slipped on melted snow and fell in his neighborhood creek. The water temperature was beyond frigid and the stream carried the 22-month-old a quarter mile away from his home. What happened next was truly an act of a higher power. 

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10 Foods that fight gas & bloating

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Suffering from gas and bloating is one of the most uncomfortable symptoms to have to face in public. Of course, the feeling starts coming on during your commute or while you're in an office meeting. Luckily, there are natural food remedies that can help blast the gas and keep your belly flat--and happy. Check out ten foods that can help you fight gas every single day! 

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#ImNoAngel: Powerful plus-size lingerie campaign celebrates real women's bodies!


We've always known that real women have curves, but rarely do you see curvy images sprawled on lingerie ad campaigns. Lane Bryant is changing all of that and celebrating real women's bodies! The clothing store recently launched the #ImNoAngel ad campaign to promote their new line of intimate wear by Cacique. I love that the marketing campaign is clearly giving Victoria Secret an "in your face" snub due to their lack of representing diverse body types. I can't get enough of this inspiring ad and I know you'll feel the same!

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Gaby Espino reveals how she gets the perfect booty (VIDEO)


I've to admit, Gaby Espino has been looking better than ever! The Venezuelan actress split from her partner JenCarlos Canela last year and the single mother of two isn't taking any steps backwards. Lucky for us, she's spreading the self love and showing us how she stays toned and fabulous. During one of her recent sessions with her trainer, Espino made sure to hit the record button to show us how she gets that amazing booty. You seriously don't want to miss this.

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10 Latina celebs reveal their easy post-pregnancy weight loss secrets!

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We all know it's a struggle to start losing the post-pregnancy baby weight, but Latina celebs seem to be pros at it. Of course, we should never compare our journeys with famous people who have "perfection" written as their main job description, but there are a few tips and tricks we can all learn from them. These celebrity post-baby weight loss tricks are truly effortless and easy to do. Try it out for yourselves and you'll be amazed by the results! 

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