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DMX wants to beat George Zimmerman up & we can't blame him

George Zimmerman is not a well-liked man (for obvious reasons), so it's no surprise that someone wants to beat him up. That someone happens to be rapper DMX.  It's been rumored that Trayvon Martin's killer and the 90's rapper will be sharing a ring for a celebrity boxing match this March.

Looks like the former neighborhood watchman isn't over his 15 minutes of fame and wants to keep it going by participating. Hmm, doesn't sound like the best idea to me!

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Trayvon Martin & George Zimmerman costumes for Halloween will NEVER be OK

Son of a gun, Florida has done it again! Excuse me while I scrape my jaw up off the floor. In the latest WTF moment to come from Florida, two comedic geniuses decided to dress up as George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin for Halloween. As if that weren't funny enough, they added attention to detail with the use of blackface and a bloody sweatshirt. This costume idea is so friggin' hilarious I forgot to laugh. I'm sure you are just dying to know the identity of the insensitive jerks who came up with and donned what will probably go down in history as the WORST COSTUME idea of 2013!

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Liberan imágenes del arresto de George Zimmerman y fotografía de su amante

El vídeo del arresto de George Zimmerman, así como la fotografía de la mujer que causó su divorcio han salido a la luz pública, para lo que muchos creen que es una buena prueba de que existe el karma.

La grabación de la cámara de seguridad de una patrulla, muestra cómo a veces la vida te cobra con la misma moneda con la que pagas, en este caso Zimmerman la está pagando.

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BREAKING NEWS: George Zimmerman in custody after domestic violence incident involving gun

George Zimmerman was taken into custody in Central Florida earlier today after allegedly threatening his estranged wife and her father with a gun.

Though specific details of the incident remain unclear, reports say that police were called to a home--thought to be the residence of Shellie's parents, David and Machelle Dean--in Lake Mary, Florida on Monday afternoon. A police spokesma said there was "an incident involving a gun with another person" and that Zimmerman is in custody for "possible domestic battery" but that they're still "trying to determine what exactly happened."

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ÚLTIMA HORA: Esposa de George Zimmerman introduce legalmente el divorcio

A menos de dos meses de que un jurado lo declaró no culpable del asesinato de Trayvon Martin, la esposa de George Zimmerman introdujo la demanda de divorcio en una corte de Orlando alegando que el vínculo matrimonial está "irremediablemente roto". Hace unos pocos días, Shellie había dejado claro que esta era una posibilidad, pero no parecía que se había decidido. A mí me parece que si ese señor fuera un dulce cordero, como lo pintaban sus abogados, no se habría metido en tantos líos y estaría por quedarse solo.

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George Zimmerman's wife speaks out for first time, reveals what a bully he really is (VIDEO)

George Zimmerman's wife is finally speaking out! During her first one-on-one interview with ABC News Good Morning America, Shellie Zimmerman admitted that her relationship with her husband has been deteriorating in the past year.

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¿George Zimmerman compró otra arma como la que usó para matar a Trayvon Martin?

No sé qué te parecerá a ti, pero a mi ver esta foto de George Zimmerman, en una tienda donde fue a comprar un arma, me dio escalofríos. Vamos a estar claras, a él, el jurado lo declaró inocente de los cargos por homicidio en segundo grado contra Trayvon Martin.

Es decir, él es un hombre libre, en un país libre donde además la libertad de portar armas está consagrada en la Segunda Enmienda de la constitución. Pero, debería ser más discreto en sus apariciones públicas. No sé, sigue leyendo para que veas, porque me parece que algo no está bien…

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George Zimmerman let off the hook AGAIN for speeding with a gun in his car (VIDEO)

George Zimmerman, the Florida man recently acquitted in the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, is once again making headlines, this time for being pulled over while speeding in North Texas this past weekend.  

According to reports, Zimmerman was armed when he got pulled over while traveling in a grey Honda pickup at around 1 p.m. on Sunday--a disturbing yet not entirely surprising point, seeing as his attorneys insisted he needed his gun "now more than ever" after the verdict was announced.

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Latina juror B29 in Trayvon Martin case admits George Zimmerman "got away with murder" (VIDEO)

In a shocking new interview, a Latina juror in the Trayvon Martin case, initially only known as B29, admitted that she felt George Zimmerman "got away with murder" after he was acquitted of fatally shooting the 17-year-old.

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Is George Zimmerman trying to be a hero now?

George Zimmerman is apparently now a hero. The part Peruvian Zimmerman, who was acquitted last week on murder charges for the death of Trayvon Martin, has pretty much been in hiding since the verdict, which makes sense since the outcome of the trial has sparked much public outrage including death threats against him. Despite the death threats, Zimmerman surfaced from hiding long enough to assist in the rescue of a family of four that was trapped in an overturned vehicle on Thursday.


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