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George Zimmerman calls Trayvon Martin's death 'God's plan' in first TV interview (VIDEO)

For the first time since the controversial Trayvon Martin case caused a national firestorm, George Zimmerman, the shooter at the center of it all, sat down for a television interview to tell his side of the story.

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Witness accuses George Zimmerman of child molestation

George Zimmerman's case has had some shocking twists recently. First, the former neighborhood watch volunteer, who is facing charges for shooting 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, asked for a new judge on Friday after claiming his current one is biased. And now, newly released evidence includes a police interview with a woman identified as Witness #9 who accuses Zimmerman of sexually abusing her as a child. 

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5 of our favorite Sonia Sotomayor moments in honor of her birthday!

Happy birthday to the one of the most inspiring Latinas in the world, Sonia Sotomayor! The Puerto Rican Supreme Court justice is turning 54 today and with all of the amazing accomplishments she's made throughout her wildly successful career, she has plenty of reasons to celebrate.

And here at MamásLatinas, we're also paying homage to the occasion! In honor of Sotomayor and all she's done for the Latino community, we've rounded up 5 of her best moments that perfectly demonstrate why we love her!

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George Zimmerman gives chilling recount of killing Trayvon Martin in new video (VIDEO)

Just when I thought the Trayvon Martin case couldn't possibly get any more complicated, new occurrences have caused more twists in the already tumultuous situation. In the past few hours alone, news broke that the Sanford police chief originally in charge of the case has been fired and that a new video of George Zimmerman's interview with authorities the day after the shooting has been released.

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Salma Hayek & a naked, Spanish-speaking Jada Pinkett Smith team up to end human trafficking (VIDEO)

In a video aimed at Latinas and the Spanish-speaking population, Jada Pinkett Smith sings in our native language and bares her body in order to fight human trafficking and sex slavery.

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Why Latinas should celebrate Juneteenth (PHOTOS)


This week the world will celebrate Juneteenth, a holiday in the US that honors African American heritage by commemorating the abolition of slavery. Celebrated on June 19 (hence the name), people of all races and religions in cities across the country celebrate the day by reflecting on a tumultous period of history that has influenced society even today.

And since Latinos are such a diverse population, we decided to honor the occasion too by paying homage to 5 of the world's most renowned Afro-Latinas. These ladies not only have succesful careers, but are also able to fully embrace both sides of their heritage with style. 

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George Zimmerman worries for his wife's safety a little too late

Yesterday, the world got their first glimpse at George Zimmerman's wife, Shellie, when was she was arrested and her mug shot was released. Now, Zimmerman is saying that all of the publicity is making him afraid for his wife's safety.

Shellie was taken into a local jail and charged with one count of perjury after she withheld the truth about her and her husband's financial state under oath. After she posted bail and was released, her husband's lawyer told ABC News that the new public attention on her is making Zimmerman very nervous.  

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Alex Rodriguez hits record-breaking 23rd career Grand Slam!

Latino athletes are totally killing it in baseball these days. Recently, Puerto Rican Carlos Correa became the first ever number one MLB draft pick from his country and now, superstar Yankees player Alex Rodriguez is also breaking records! During Tuesday night's game, the Dominican third baseman hit his 23rd career grand slam, matching Hall of Famer Lou Gehrig's record.

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George Zimmerman's wife charged with perjury after hiding money from judge

George Zimmerman, the shooter in the case of Trayvon Martin, was put back behind bars earlier this month after a judge accused him of not being truthful about how much money he had access to. Today, his wife, Shellie, paid $1,000 bond after being booked into jail and charged with one count of perjury, for allegedly lying under oath about her and her husband's financial state.

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Alec Martínez es el nuevo "Rey" latino de Estados Unidos (VÍDEO)

Tardamos cientos de años, pero desde anoche Estados Unidos tiene un rey, bueno un KING latino. Se trata de Alec Martínez uno de los defensores del equipo de los LA Kings, quienes contra todo pronóstico se alzaron anoche con la Stanley Cup, el máximo trofeo del hockey sobre hielo.

Martínez de ascendencia española y mexicana es apenas el  tercer latino en levantar la famosa copa en el hielo. El primero fue Bill Guerín, de papá nicaragüense y mamá irlandesa. Le siguió Scott Gómez, quien nació en Alaska, de una madre colombiana-americana y un padre mexico-americano.

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