Miracle baby rescued after being buried alive for days!


A family who leaves their own blood to be left to die in the wilderness because of a birth defect deserves the worst punishment on earth. A Chinese newborn was found buried alive in the province of Guangxi and once discovered once farm workers heard a loud wail in the fields. It's reported, but not confirmed, that the poor infant was hanging on to his life in the grave for more than 10 days. After investigation, it was discovered that the baby's family conspired to have the baby "taken care of" since it was born with a cleft palate and a congenital defect. The photos of the rescued baby are unbelievably heartbreaking. He is still bruised and bloody from the monstrous incident. 

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Latina mother & daughter found hanged; you won't believe who the family suspects

The bodies of a 9-year-old girl and her mother were found dead in their home in a Boston suburb on Friday morning. A family friend of 32-year-old Ariana Rosa-Soares found the bodies of her and her daughter Marley hanged in the basement of the house around 10 a.m., leaving behind a deeply hurt and saddened community. Though authorities are still in the very early stages of their investigation, they are viewing the case as a homicide.

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Dad throws toddler daughter over bridge to her death


When I first heard about this tragic story out of St. Petersburg, Florida, my heart just broke. I couldn't believe that a parent could be so careless over the life of a child they helped bring into this world. A 25-year-old father, John Jonchuck Jr., was stopped by a cop at a Tampa Bay bridge in Florida when he rushed over to the passenger side of his car, pulled out his 5-year-old daughter and then threw her over the bridge without a second thought. And then he just fled the scene!

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10 Reasons we should ALL worry about the NAACP bombing


I'm so pissed and disgusted at mainstream news media right now for letting down the entire nation with their lack of coverage of the NAACP bombing that happened in Colorado on January 6. I was online ALL DAY that day combing headlines, because that's what I do, and it wasn't until right before I went to bed and decided to look on Twitter that I found out. I saw the hashtag #NAACPBombing literally blowing up (I swear I'm not trying to be funny here, there is nothing funny about this at all), so I had to look into it.

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Parents turn their own kids into cops after seeing them on the news


Being a parent is HARD, especially when it comes to setting the right example for your children and making tough moral decisions. Just ask the parents of two teen brothers from Fayetteville, North Carolina caught on surveillance video burglarizing a tech store. Imagine the surprise and horror these parents must have gone through when they watched the news and saw footage of their 14- and 16-year-old sons breaking the law. Then the turmoil that came with making the gut-wrenching decision to turn their children into the police.

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Mexican drug cartel forced killers to eat their victims' hearts


There are things going on in Mexico related to drug cartels that are so horrifying, I don't want to believe they are true, but denying the horrors doesn't make them untrue. At the moment, my soul hurts after finding out that some new recruits to the cartel La Familia Michoacana and another group called the Knights Templar were made to eat the hearts of victims the cartel had murdered. This isn't just some crazy cannibalism rumor either.

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Man posts Facebook status right before killing his wife & himself

An anguished husband in Dover, New Hampshire, shot his wife then turned the gun on himself within a local hospital at around 6 a.m. on December 30, only minutes after detailing his murder-suicide plan in a Facebook post. Mark Lavoie's actions were not motivated by jealousy, rage, or contempt, making this no run-of-the-mill crime of passion. The reason for the murder-suicide will surely shock you.

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Eliza Delacruz: Newborn found dead in dumpster & her parents may know who killed her


A desperate search for a 3-week-old baby girl came to a tragic end Sunday after her tiny body was found in a dumpster two hours away from her home. Newborn Eliza Delacruz was first reported missing Saturday night, after an unidentified man opened fire on her parents and uncle. Though all three adults survived, baby Eliza wasn't so fortunate. Her remains were discovered inside of a plastic bag, carelessly tossed into a dumpster near a strip mall on Imperial Beach in California Sunday afternoon. What a terrible end to such a tragically short life.

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Latina mom brutally murdered by her own son because she nagged him


On Wednesday, 23-year-old Christian Jose Gomez was arrested and charged with first degree murder for allegedly beheading his mother, 48-year-old mother Maria Suarez Cassagne. This horrible murder happened in Oldsmar, Florida in the family's home. The details are gruesome, of course, but also really sad.

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Breastfeeding prostitution ring busted by police


¡Me muero! I just found out about a breastfeeding prostitution ring that was shut down by police in China and my unshockable self is SHOCKED! According to reports, the way it worked was that men were soliciting women via a website to breastfeed them. The preference was for young mothers of newborns. Seriously, is nothing sacred?

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