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Little kids served cocktails at restaurant & no one noticed until it was too late!


Joe's Crab Shack, a seafood restaurant in Colorado Springs, is in deep water after a bartender mistakenly prepared alcoholic cocktails for six children, aged 2 to 8, who gulped them down as if chugging soda or lemonade. The incident occurred last Wednesday, when patrons Trista and Omar Montoya brought a group of visiting relatives and friends to their favorite restaurant. The six children, all cousins, ordered Shark Nibbles, one of the beverage options listed in the kids' menu. Unfortunately, the bartender mistook the order and mixed up six Shark Bites, one of the eatery's signature cocktails. The highly alcoholic drink contains Bacardi Limon rum, Skyy vodka, blue curacao, and grenadine. Though none of the children were severely injured by the mix-up, the Montoyas were justifiably horrified. Police in the area are investigating the incident.

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Claire Davis, víctima del tiroteo de Colorado, está al borde de la muerte

El estudiante que abrió fuego en la prepa de Colorado y después decidió quitarse la vida, ha dejado atrás heridos y una estudiante en condiciones críticas. Claire Esther Davis de 17 años de edad, estaba sentada junto a una amiga el día de la balacera, cuando Karl Pierson, el sospechoso, llegó armado a la escuela.

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Karl Pierson, identified as gunman in Colorado school shooting, was seeking revenge

Police have identified Karl Pierson as the suspected gunman in Friday's Arapahoe High School shooting in Centennial, Colorado. Described as an 18-year-old senior, cross-country runner and a star of the debate team, it was his involvement in the latter extra-curricular activity that may hold the answers to his violent act. That's because Pierson went to his school armed with a shotgun looking for his debate coach, Tracy Murphy, who had allegedly kicked him out of the debate team. 

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Declarado culpable joven vecino por el siniestro asesinato de la pequeña Jessica Ridgeway

Un adolescente acusado de matar de la forma más siniestra a una niñita de 10 años, Jessica Ridgeway, en Wesminster, Colorado, fue declarado culpable de todos los cargos, de acuerdo a un vocero de la corte del estado. Austin Reed Sigg, que en el momento del asesinato tenía 17 años, fue sentenciado como si fuera un adulto y podría pasar el resto de su vida encarcelado. Y no es para menos después de enterarme qué fue lo que le hizo…

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SEE: The 9 scariest pictures from the devastating Colorado floods


For the past few days, I've been watching in horror and utter impotence as the Front Range of Colorado, the state I've called home for the past seven years, gets ravaged by unrelenting rain of "biblical" proportions, as the National Weather Service has described it. As of Monday night, eight people had been confirmed dead, nearly 450 are missing, 1,500 homes have been destroyed while nearly 18,000 have been damaged.

The images coming out of this epic natural disaster are indescribable and since they say a picture is worth a thousand words, we figured we'd share with you some of the scariest ones that show the sheer power of torrential rain.

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Rescatan a 100 niños y maestros atrapados en inundación de Colorado

Cerca de 100 niños y maestros fueron rescatados vía aérea por dos días consecutivos de las desastrosas inundaciones de Colorado, que dejaron a muchas zonas sin comunicación. Por fortuna, estos niños fueron rescatados el sábado en un dramático fin de semana para el condado de Boulder.

Los estudiantes de la escuela Linton Elementary en Louisville, Colorado, a 10 millas de Boulder, quedaron atrapados entre las aguas que comenzaron a comerse los caminos y carreteras.

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Van más de 100 desaparecidos y 4 muertos en Colorado y se esperan más lluvias...

Las terribles lluvias que han devastado el norte de Colorado se teme que sean las responsables de matar a 4 personas y dejar desaparecidas a más de 170.

Lo peor de todo es que se espera que este sábado caiga más lluvia, lo cual podría causar más deslaves e inundaciones. Se cree que el domingo caerá una tromba.

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Who would wear this atrocious mask of James Holmes for Halloween?

When I heard that there was mask of James Holmes--with the deranged look and orange hair he had during his first court hearing--for sale on eBay, I had to go see if it was true. Although the posting has been deleted ever since ABC News reported about it, the photo of the Halloween mask is still available. Not only is it scary as hell to look at, but I think it's the most disrespectful and insensitive things I've seen in a while, considering Holmes is accused of committing one of the most heinous crimes at a packed movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, last July.

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Miracle baby is born out of the Aurora, Colorado shooting (VIDEO)

Hugo Jackson Medley is being called a "miracle baby," and for good reason! He was born on Tuesday morning, just four days after the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting that left 12 people dead and more than 50 injured--including little Hugo's dad, Caleb Medley, who was shot in the face and is now fighting for his life. Mom, Katie, thankfully escaped unharmed.

Hugo's parents, huge Batman fans, were at the fateful midnight showing of The Dark Knight in Aurora last week when tragedy struck. The couple described it as one of their last date nights before Katie's due date. Katie's father, David Sanchez, tells NBC News that they even wore their Batman gear to the premiere:  "They waited for this movie for over a year, " he said, so it's no surprise the couple were at the theater, despite the fact that Katie was almost due to give birth.

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James Holmes sent notes detailing gruesome Colorado masacre to psychiatrist weeks before shooting

No matter whom I speak to while out and about here in Denver, the conversation always turns to the Aurora masacre and its alleged perpetrator, James Holmes. While the rest of the country has gone back to life as usual, the killing spree and its aftermath continues to consume the residents of this great state as the victims are laid to rest and new information is revelead about the accused gunman. 

Just a little bit ago, I learned that Holmes had apparently sent a spiral-bound notebook to a University of Colorado psychiatrist detailing the massacre down to drawings of "gun-wielding stick figures blowing away other stick figures," according to what a law enforcement source told Fox News.

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