10 Tips from real moms about caring for your newborn


As first-time moms, we try to prepare our best to welcome our precious newborn. Between birthing classes, pregnancy books and unwarranted advice from friends and family, it could be easy to believe you have it all figured out. The issue is that life is amazing at throwing us curveballs--especially when it comes to motherhood. New mom to twins, Zoe Saldana shared one useful tip to get back into shape. Saldana encourages moms to go hiking with your baby. It's a great way to incorporate fitness while enjoying quality time with your baby. Luckily, the MamásLatinas editorial staff has even more genuine parenting consejos to make life with your newborn easier. Breathe easy and get ready to enjoy first-time mommy-hood like a pro. 

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Shakira shares the BEST photo of Sasha yet! (PHOTOS)

shakira PHOTOS

Shakira is one proud mami! Despite the Colombian singer trying to be more private about her sons Sasha and Milan's childhoods, she just can't help herself from posting adorable photos of her little ones. I can't blame her one bit! Shaki makes precious kids and should be able to show them off to the world. The most recent photo she shared of her son Sasha melted my heart. The boy is a natural charmer and looks more and more like his dad Gerard Piqué every day! Click through to see Sasha's latest pic and the cutest photos Shaki has shared of her cute two boys throughout the years. 

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Shakira fears for the security of Sasha & Milan


Remember that adorable leaked photo of Shakira's sons Milan and Sasha? Bueno, the Colombian singer was reportedly furious about the intimate photo since her camp never released it. Now there are reports that Shakira is afraid for the security of her kids and has even escalated the situation. Between the paparazzi following her every move and the leaked pic, Shakira is trying desperately to protect her little ones at all costs. You won't believe how far she's willing to go! 

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10 Stars celebrate Easter with their kids in the sweetest way possible (PHOTOS)

easter PHOTOS

There's nothing like celebrating Easter with family and friends. The holiday jumpstarts spring and leaves us feeling the hope, love and sweetness in the air. Celebrities made sure to celebrate this past Sunday with their little ones and a few furry ones too. Mario Lopez's kids Gia and Dominic took this adorable photo with the Easter bunny--but the cuteness doesn't end there. Find out how other estrellas like Kim Kardashian, Thalia and Mariah Carey decided to celebrate!  

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The 11 most inappropriate baby tees of all time

funny PHOTOS

There's no lack of creativity when it comes to new baby bodysuits and tees. The days of the plain white or gender specific colored baby gear are over. Now it's all about taking it to the next level with inappropriate illustrations and sayings. Parents really have to have a sense of humor to enjoy these. I think you even have to be a little crazy to let your baby wear some of these! Which one do you think is going too far? 

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Christina Aguilera talks about what she's like as a mom & I was not expecting it!


Christina Aguilera is still gushing over motherhood and her 6-month-old baby girl Summer Rain. To me, it seems like having children totally grounded the Latina judge on The Voice. Before 7-year-old Max was born, the songstress was known as Xtina and was shaking her everything as "Dirrty" as possible. It's refreshing to watch her grow and mature. I love what she recently said about raising her kids and what she hopes for little Summer in the future.  

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Adamari Lopez & Toni Costa welcome baby Alaïa!


Baby Alaïa has officially arrived! Adamari Lopez gave birth to her precious daughter in Miami and confirmed the news on her Facebook page. After months of having Lopez share her pregnancy tips and emotions with us, we're thrilled that she has welcomed a healthy baby. We are definitely all tíos and tías and are celebrating this joyous occasion! The Puerto Rican star and her fiancé Toni Costa must be thrilled! Wait until you see the photo confirming baby Alaïa's arrival. My heart melted! 

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The 5 biggest baby name trends so far in 2015


We are almost three months into 2015, but baby name trends have already started popping up. Anything from nature to pop culture can influence the raise in certain baby names. I find it pretty fascinating since names often reflect certain time periods in history and how crazy parents are. The problem with trends is that some of them aren't always good ideas. Some of these baby names are worth loathing and laughing at while others are pretty freaking awesome. 

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8 Ways your child's name can affect EVERYTHING in their life


A baby name is way more impactful than you may think. There are so many choices when picking a baby name that it could be overwhelming. Whether it's a traditional name or a unique moniker, there are countless of options to go around. More and more studies have found that what you name your child could have a serious impact on their future. Whether it's finding a job or getting accepted into college, there are certain names that should be avoided and others that have proven to be more successful. 

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WATCH: Kim Kardashian's baby North in adorable video with dad Kanye West


Fatherhood and marriage has changed Kanye West for the better. The talented hip-hop artist has been known for his impulsive and erratic behavior, but it seems like Kim Kardashian and daughter North have brought out a softer side. Kanye recently premiered his first single, "Only You," off of his upcoming untitled album. Kanye wrote the emotional track in the voice of his mother Donda who passed away in 2007. The video shows Kanye smiling and carrying Nori as he imagines what his mom is wishing for his new family. This seriously brought me to tears.

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