Homeless science fair finalist invited to State of the Union address

Samantha Garvey, the hard working homeless teen who earn a final spot in the Intel Science Competition has been invited to attend the 2012 state of the Union address being held next Tuesday, January 24 in Washington D.C. by President Obama.

Garvey's family was evicted on New Year's day due to her families inability to keep up with rent. She and her Ecuadorian mother and Irish father, along with her 13-year-old twin siblings suddenly found themselves without a roof over their head and were forced to take up residence at a local homeless shelter. But just a few short days later, Samantha found out that she was a finalist in the prestigious science competition. Since then, her story has inspired tons of people, including Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone.


Bellone immediately made a rent-subsidized three-bedroom home available to the family when he found out about their hardship and offered young Garvey an internship working on marine fisheries issues. I don't really know what to say about this story except for the fact that I'm really looking forward to what Samantha is going to manage to accomplish with the rest of her life--I mean look at what she was able to do with pretty much no resources.

It seems like Bellone and myself aren't the only ones taking notice of the teens work ethic and dedication. Ellen DeGeneres recently invited Samantha on the show after hearing her story and to the high school senior's surprise rewarded her with a $50 thousand scholarship to attend the university of her choice. And at this rate, it will definitely be her choice, any college would be super lucky and I'm sure, more than happy to have her.

"My family's setbacks are a source of motivation. I want to get my family ahead, which is why I do well in school," Samantha told Newsday.

Wow, just...wow. There doesn't seem to be much more to say about this tough-as-nails teen.

Are you inspired by Samantha's hard luck story? Will you be tuning in to the State of the Union address?

Image via ABC News