Latina mother & daughter found hanged; you won't believe who the family suspects

The bodies of a 9-year-old girl and her mother were found dead in their home in a Boston suburb on Friday morning. A family friend of 32-year-old Ariana Rosa-Soares found the bodies of her and her daughter Marley hanged in the basement of the house around 10 a.m., leaving behind a deeply hurt and saddened community. Though authorities are still in the very early stages of their investigation, they are viewing the case as a homicide.


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It is not yet clear whether it was actually a double homicide or a homicide-suicide, but family and friends have told various news sources that Rosa-Soares had been suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts. Plymouth District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz said that written information was found inside the home, but that the identity of the author has not been confirmed.

Although family friend Claudia Gomes' stated that Rosa-Soares was a good mother, her father Jose Rosa disagrees. "My daughter, she is not a good mother," Rosa said. "I tried to get stop what happened now," he told the Boston Globe, explaining that he had called child welfare for help several times in the past. "I feel dead. I feel mad. I'm pissed," he went on. 

Complicating the case even further, Rosa-Soares divorced her husband a year ago and had a restraining order against him, which he has violated twice. She also has an older daughter who was dropped off at friend's home the night before the very same friend made the horrific discovery when she showed up to find out why the child was never picked up. There was also a restraining order against the older daughter's father. 

This is certainly a massively tangled and disturbing web for investigators to unweave. Regardless, I can't fathom what kind of mind it takes to commit such a heinous and cold-blooded crime. Hopefully, the family will have answers and peace soon. 

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