Sisters charged with cold-blooded killing of brother while parents were away

boy, cellWhat a mess! The lives of the members of the Kornegay family from White Springs, Florida are completely destroyed after a horrific murder took place in their home. Mother and father left their teenage children in charge of their younger siblings, who are 11 and 3 years old, when they left for a road trip. It's not clear what happened, but local authorities charged 15-year-old Misty "Ariel" Renee and her 11-year-old sister Nicole with the murder of their 16-year-old brother. The girls fatally shot their older sibling with a gun concealed in their home. Authorities charged the girls with murder, the parents with neglect and placed the toddler in state custody.


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Gosh, it doesn't get messier than this story! There are so many questions unanswered which the authorities are withholding because they are all minors. We can all guess and speculate what happened here and what triggered so much hate. According to the authorities, Ariel grabbed the gun and pulled the trigger, but Nicole assisted her. Just terrible!

My heart is broken because I'm sure the girls acted in a moment of anger and madness and probably didn't know the consequences. Since the parents weren't present at the time of the crime, they were charged with child abuse and neglect. I know every state has different laws regarding child care, but I'm sure that leaving the teenagers in charge of a toddler for a longer period of time is illegal. Because the motives and details about this crime are quite mysterious, the authorities are thinking of charging the two girls as adults and not juveniles to hold them longer than 30 days while they complete the investigation.

There are so many things I want to say about this tragedy. I'm thinking about the parents burying their son, I'm thinking about Ariel being a murderer and Nicole being her accomplice. My heart goes out to the little toddler who will grow up without her parents because they will have to face the law. It's just terrible! I don't understand why they left a weapon in the house that was very easy to reach. I don't know what's going to happen with this family, but one thing is certain, their lives are changed forever.

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