Eliza Delacruz: Newborn found dead in dumpster & her parents may know who killed her

abandoned pacifier eliza delacruzA desperate search for a 3-week-old baby girl came to a tragic end Sunday after her tiny body was found in a dumpster two hours away from her home. Newborn Eliza Delacruz was first reported missing Saturday night, after an unidentified man opened fire on her parents and uncle. Though all three adults survived, baby Eliza wasn't so fortunate. Her remains were discovered inside of a plastic bag, carelessly tossed into a dumpster near a strip mall on Imperial Beach in California Sunday afternoon. What a terrible end to such a tragically short life.


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eliza delacruzEliza's family's nightmare began Saturday evening, when police responded to calls from neighbors reporting a shooting at the family's home in Long Beach, California. Upon their arrival, police found two brothers--one of whom was Eliza's father--and the mother injured. Eliza was nowhere to be found. Police believe the shooter ran off with the baby soon after opening fire on the family.

It wasn't until Sunday afternoon that police were able to track down baby Eliza's whereabouts. However, by the time they found her, it was already too late. A man sifting through a dumpster in San Diego discovered a baby girl's remains inside of a plastic bag carelessly tossed among the trash. The San Diego County Coroner's Office confirmed last night the remains of the body found in the bag were those of baby Eliza.

What kind of a monster would do such a horrific thing to an innocent baby girl? I just don't get it. No one does. This case has left an entire community scratching their heads. Neighbors say several family members live in the home from which Eliza had been taken, meaning they should at least be able to provide police with a description of the perp. Or so you'd think. So far, police have heard radio silence from Eliza's relatives--including her father, tío and mother. Though Eliza's father has since been released from the hospital, he has yet to speak to authorities. As for her mother and tio, they're both listed in critical but stable condition.  

At present, police believe the kidnapping wasn't random, since there appears to be no sign of forced entry at the home. That means the family may have known the suspect, who has been described by neighbors as a black or Hispanic man. Welp, that doesn't help at all. He could be anyone!

I don't know about you, but this all sounds kind of sketchy. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not blaming Eliza's family for her disappearance and subsequent murder, but I feel like they're definitely hiding something. Who knows what or why? That said, my heart goes out to them. There's no pain quite like that of losing a child. I've known far too many people who've had to bury their children, and believe me when I tell you they are never quite the same after experiencing such a tragedy. It is for that reason that I'd like to remind you all to hold your babies close. Trust your gut when it tells you someone in your inner (or outer) circle may do you baby harm. Don't brush it off. Err on the side of losing a friend, cousin, coworker. It's a helluva lot better than losing your bebé.

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