Newborn baby starved to death while parents stuffed their faces at buffet

baby handI'll never understand why parents bring children into this world to treat them this way. A Florida baby starved to death in a car seat while her disgusting parents were feasting at an all-you-can-eat buffet. While Ruby Stephens and Roy Stephens were reportedly stuffing their faces, their innocent newborn daughter laid helplessly in her carseat. It turns out the baby had been neglected for days and the details are even more horrifying.


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Betsey Kee Stephens was found unresponsive and weighed about four pounds. The medical examiner's office confirmed that the average weight for a baby her age is about double that! The autopsy showed that baby Kee died from dehydration and starvation. She wasn't fed for up to seven hours prior to her tragic death.

This poor baby must have suffered for so long before her tiny body finally gave up on her. This is a monstrous way to treat any human being, let alone your own flesh and blood. Ruby claims that it was difficult to feed the baby due to traffic. Seriously, this is the worst excuse I have ever heard! If she pulled into an all-you-can-eat buffet to stuff her face, she should have thought about feeding her baby too.

Once that excuse no longer worked, she said that the baby was born with health issues, but she never made it to the doctor to make sure she was checked out. That sounds even more absurd! I doubt these people even feel guilty about what they've done. Coming up with ridiculous excuses makes it even worse. Ruby and Roy were charged with first-degree murder. Prison won't be as pleasant for these gluttonous cold-hearted murderers.

Hopefully this little angel rests in peace.

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