Woman murders husband, chops him up & spreads body through Mexico City

Psicóloga arrestadaMexican psychologist Maria Alejandra Lafuente Caso used her husband Allan Carrera Cuellar's cellphone to send text messages to his friends and family so they believed he was on a business trip after she had gruesomely murdered him. The 40-year-old woman allegedly decapitated her 41-year-old husband, cut his body into several pieces using a chainsaw and then scattered the remains around the capital of Mexico. She is claiming that her husband repeatedly beat her. She now faces life in prison.


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On the night of his death, Lafuente Caso drugged her husband by slipping sleeping pills into his drink at their home. Then she took a chainsaw, chopped his body into pieces, stuffed them into black garbage bags and deposited the dismembered corpse all over the city. All the while, using his phone to text his contacts to alleviate any suspicion of his disappearance.

Police began their investigation after children stumbled upon Mr. Carrera Cuellar's head while they were playing in a local park. His hands and feet were later found in another part of the city.

After the body parts were recovered, Lafuente Caso pretended to be a grieving widow until a forensic examination of the home found traces of her husband's blood and bone gristle in the carpets and bits of flesh in the bathroom of their home. At that point, she tried to get herself sectioned so she would not have to stand trial for his murder.

I understand that battered woman syndrome is real. I've seen it firsthand. And I even understand that after prolonged periods of emotional, physical and sexual abuse that a woman could just lose her shit and kill her abuser. I understand this happening 100 percent. What bothers me is the cover-up.

If he did what she says he did to her, maybe he deserved whatever he got, but going to such lengths to hide the fact that her husband had disappeared, the way that she dismembered the body, pretended to be a grieving widow knowing there was blood, bone and flesh remains in her home and then going so far as using her medical degree and psychological training to try to get herself sectioned in order to avoid standing trial, makes me question if any of it is true. Is this just some story that she concocted to get rid of her husband?

Most battered women who murder their abusers don't have the forethought to plan, execute and cover up the killing. It is usually a breaking point and when you are that desperate, you are not thinking of consequences, you are thinking it's either you or them. You choose you. The rest is inconsequential. The brutality with which she carried out his murder tells me that she truly hated him but the cover up makes me suspicious. 

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