Dad films sex with his children while his wife does NOTHING

las vegas dad films sex with kidsA Las Vegas father of four is in jail accused of incest, felony child abuse and bestiality involving his own children. Over a 12-year period, 47-year-old Christopher Sena had sex with at least eight children ... including his own.

Online he presented himself as a devoted family man but obviously that is not the case because devoted family men do not sexually abuse children, videotape it and force the kids to have sex with animals; monsters do!


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Sena is currently facing numerous sexual assault related charges with his wife Deborah Sena and his ex-wife, Terrie Sena, after police authorities say that the three filmed themselves with the children. The depraved sexual acts allegedly include two of Mr. Sena's children having sex with the family dog.

These horrific events came to light when Sena's wife, an unnamed adult and one of his children, revealed the crimes to a family attorney, who in turn called the authorities. After searching the home and finding incriminating videotapes of the sexual abuse, Mr. Sena was arrested.

The two women involved, Deborah Sena and Sena's ex-wife, Terrie Sena, were arrested and charged with felony sexual assault against a child under the age of 14. Even scarier, Terrie Sena works with children as a substitute teacher in the Clark County School District.

The attorney representing the three accused of committing these heinous crimes said that they will plead not guilty to the charges. Prosecutors are expected to release more evidence and they will probably face even more charges.

Personally, I find these people to be the most despicable of assailants not only did they violate the parent/child trust, they have irreparably damaged these children. Their innocence is gone and no amount of therapy or jail time will ever fix that.

These three belong in jail for the duration of their natural life. The world is not a safe place with them walking free in it. I only hope that the children can recover from this and not become abusers themselves after enduring years of repeated abuse. 


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