Shocking X-ray of boy with chopsticks in his throat will make you cringe!

chopsticksThis story gave me goose bumps and you'll have them too after you read it. Twelve-year-old Jun Chia from the Hubei Province, China decided to leave the school during lunch break to buy noodles from a restaurant across the street. The little boy was in a rush and didn't see the upcoming traffic when he was run over by a motorist and ended up with chopsticks stuck in his throat. You have to see the X-ray! Luckily the sharp eating tools didn't damage any organs and the boy is expected to recover.


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He was running with his take-out noodles and his metal chopsticks when the father of one of his classmates ran him over with his electric scooter. Everything when in the air and when it landed, the boy got the chopsticks stuck in his throat. He was rushed to the nearby hospital where the doctors did a series of X-rays and CT scans and they determined that chopsticks missed his trachea, esophagus and key blood vessels. What a miracle!

The doctors were able to remove the chopsticks with surgery safely and they boy will recover fully. He'll be able to eat and breathe normally. According to the doctors, there is a very little chance of infection because the chopsticks were made of steel and not wood. Doctors removed the pair intact from the boy's neck and didn't have to worry about splinters or broken pieces. This is amazing! That little boy is a walking miracle! I mean, some people are not that lucky when they get run over and he got chopsticks stuck in his neck too! His family must be so happy because they could have lost their precious son.

We definitely have to teach our kids that "la carrera trae cansancio," because accidents like this one could have been prevented if the boy took his time. He was lucky, but I'm not so sure if others will be as well. He is recovering well at the hospital and the doctors think that he'll leave in a week. He'll be able to tell his amazing survival story and I hope he makes sure he stops running and looks both ways before crossing the crowded streets of China.

Images via Hiroyuki Takeda /Flickr, Mail Online

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