Baby rolling onto train tracks in stroller is every mom's worst nightmare

train station in AustraliaThis very upsetting story about a toddler falling head-first onto train tracks while in her stroller is a real eye-opener. This happened in an Australian train station where an abuelo with two children, one of them strapped into what looks like a 3-wheel jogging stroller, was distracted by the ticket machine. Before grandpa knew what was happening, the stroller starts rolling away and plunges off the platform onto the train tracks. Watching the CCTV video that captured it all will make you shudder.


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I'm going to be very frank here and tell you that when I first watched the video, I was pissed at that abuelo because I was assuming he forgot to put the brakes on the stroller and then turned away. You should ALWAYS put the brakes on the stroller when you come to a stop and are going to stay there a moment. SAFETY FIRST! However, I came across reports that say the abuelo did engage the stroller brake, but it failed and that's why the stroller took off, so I will give gramps the benefit of the doubt on this one.

That's why I'm saying this incident is a real eye-opener because it is a reminder to us all not to take a child's safety for granted when they are in a stroller. Even if you have put the brakes on, you don't know what could happen.

Anyway, the little girl in the stroller fell hard and thank GAWD that there were no trains coming so the abuelo and kind-hearted strangers could rescue her. The poor thing! One commuter said, "The child's head hit the steel rail and gave it a significant head injury around the eye-socket."

She was rushed to Royal Children's Hospital. Let's send some positive thoughts and prayers her way. I hope she's okay and hasn't sustained any major injuries. And that poor abuelo must be mortified.

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