Cannibal mom tries to eat her newborn

fangsHands down, this is the most horrifying piece of news I have read in a long time: 24-year-old Li Zhenghua from Guangdong, China was discovered by a nurse eating her newborn. Crazy! The young cannibal mother was found on the streets heavily pregnant and going into labor. The authorities picked her up and brought her to a hospital where she gave birth to a boy. Three days later when a nurse went into her room to see how she was doing with breastfeeding, she found her eating her baby's arm. The poor baby's arm was chewed up, bruised and bleeding.


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The nurse saw the peculiar behavior and alerted other staff members. They had a hard time getting the mom's teeth off the baby and she didn't stop eating her newborn until they injected her with strong sedatives. The baby's arm was in pretty bad shape after his mom started eating it! Apparently the pregnant woman was kicked out of the house by her mother-in-law because she was behaving "weird". According to the authorities, she lived on the streets for several weeks before she went into labor.

What a nightmare! I don't know what goes on in people's minds when they become cannibals, but that woman's behavior was completely animalistic. I do hope she gets psychiatric treatment because she desperately needs it. The doctors treated the newborn's wounds and he is expected to recover, but he'll have those scars on his arm for the rest of his life. The scary thing about this situation if that China's law didn't rule the act as child abuse right away, but authorities are investigating the situation in order to determine if the baby needs to be put up for adoption or not. I hope he is because I don't trust that mother.

As a mom, my heart is broken for that little boy. I hope he is put up for adoption and he finds good loving parents to raise him and give him all the love he deserves. I also hope he is in good health because with his mom's strange eating habits, who knows what she ate during the pregnancy. What a mess! I don't expect any "copycats" because we don't need anymore mothers trying to eat their children. We are not in a zombie Apocalypse!

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