Spider bite kills little boy in a day, mom shares horrifying pic

brown recluse spider kills boyWe live in a world where is so many terrible things could happen to our children that if we stopped to consider and worry about every one happening to our children, it would be a full-time job and we'd probably go insane. This piece will not help with that, at all: 5-year-old Branson Riley Carlisle, of Albertsville, Alabama, was bitten on the shoulder blade by a brown recluse spider on Sunday at 9 a.m. before Thanksgiving after putting on his new pajamas. He showed his mother, who had been bitten by a brown recluse herself before.  


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His condition began to worsen and within 15 minutes his mother, Jessica Carlisle, immediately took her son to the hospital.

He was transferred to two more hospitals during the day but died that night. Within 14 hours, little Branson died suddenly of cardiac arrest. His family buried him on Black Friday.

Little Branson's last wish as that all the children in Africa have toys and so his mother is donating all of his toys to the children in Africa.

Life can change in a moment. One minute we are blessed to be holding our children in our arms and the next, just as quickly, they can be taken from us. That goes for anyon--adults and children alike. Life is fickle and nothing is permanent.

What we can do is fill our lives with love and enjoy the moments with those we cherish. We can't protect our children from all the hurts and dangers of the world but we can do our best to make sure that the time that we do have with them is spent making sure they know they are loved; spent happy and not wasted on worrying about the what ifs in life.

The only thing that Jessica Carlisle can do now is honor her son's last wish to give toys to the children of Africa. It's an honorable wish but what she wouldn't give to be able to kiss the top of his head one last time goodnight, hear him laugh or watch him do something silly. Hug your children tightly and love them fiercely.

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