Mom stabbed to death while jogging in "safe" neighborhood

shadow of person with knifeThis story is enough to make any jogger abandon the idea of outdoor runs and invest in a treadmill that can be used within the safety of the home. Melissa Millan, a married mother of two and senior insurance executive at MassMutual in Springfield, Connecticut, was stabbed while jogging on a bike path near her Simsbury home last Thursday evening. At around 8:04 p.m., passing motorists spotted the body of the 54-year-old Millan laying on the ground and quickly dialed 911. She had been stabbed repeatedly in the chest but showed some signs of life. Unfortunately, Milan died shortly after being transferred to St. Francis Hospital. Relatives and friends say Millan was a seasoned triathlete who regularly jogged along the path where she was viciously attacked. Her death has been ruled a homicide, and a police investigation is underway but, thus far, no arrests have been made and no murder weapon has been found.


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On Sunday, friends, co-workers, and family members held a vigil in honor of Millan, bringing flowers and candles to the spot along the bike path where she was killed. A second vigil was held by Milan's triathlon group, Team Training New England.

Millan's death is clearly a huge loss for her community, and my heart aches for her husband and children and the pain they must be feeling. After all, we never expect something so horrible to happen to one of our loved ones. And, considering the Millans lived in a tranquil and close-knit suburban community, I'm sure they didn't worry about knife-wielding maniacs lurking in their midst. 

Not only is this a terrible tragedy, but it's a horrifying example of the senseless violence embedded in our society and the fact that there's no longer such a thing as a "safe" neighborhood. The fact that the police scoured a nearby trail on Saturday and discovered no new evidence, that they seem to have no solid suspects, makes the story all the more terrifying. 

Hopefully, police will soon catch the lunatic responsible for Millan's death and, at the very least, make the Simsbury community members feel like justice was served, restoring some semblance of order and safety. 

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