Pregnant mom kills three kids before jumping to her death​

baby's feetThe inquest into the death of a pregnant mother and her 3 children last April has begun in the UK. Fiona Anderson, 23-years-old, drowned her 3 children, put them to bed and then jumped off of a parking garage in Lowestoft and killed herself. Normally, I would be outraged but, instead, I am extremely saddened.

Ms. Anderson was only 23. Her children, Levina, three, Addy, two, and 11-month-old Kyden had each been bathed, drowned and put to bed with their teddy bears. Clearly, she was overwhelmed. She was a single mother with no prospects and no help. Motherhood is hard, even with two parents around.



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The day before the killings, Anderson had argued with the children's father, Craig McClellan, and stabbed him during a confrontation after he began a new relationship. McClellan lied to the police and said that a stranger stabbed him on the street. He said he lied to protect Fiona and stop the children from being taken away from her. He knew she was emotionally disturbed in the days leading up to the murders. Did anyone ever consider maybe she was experiencing some prenatal depression? Why didn't he try to get her help?Or at the very least, protect his children?

As horrible as it sounds, these murders were done with love. She put the children in her bed together, each with their beloved teddy bear, each of the children had a heart drawn on the torso of their tiny bodies in green ink to create the message "I love you x" and then she kissed them goodnight leaving behind a lipstick kiss on their foreheads. It sounds like a very sweet bedtime ritual that happens nightly in most homes with the exception of the murder part.

She left three messages written in green marker on the walls of her home.

One of the messages read:

"I put them to bed with their bear bears--they loved their bears."

Another read:

"I love them and I'm going to keep them safe."

A final message said:

"They're cuddled up together sleeping. They look so peaceful."

I can just imagine the heavy heart and sadness with which she put her children to bed that one last time. This was not an act of rage or hatred; this was a twisted version of mother's love. I think, in her mind, it was mercy.

Miss Anderson's body was found with each of her children's names written on her body, including the name "Eve" which she intended to name her unborn daughter.

I have to say that when I read tragic stories of mothers who take their children's lives and their own in desperation, it makes me question who is letting this happen. People don't just decide on a whim to kill themselves. Mothers don't just wake up one morning and decide that it's a good day to kill their babies. There are signs. There are calls for help. There is desperation and sadness and why is no one seeing all of this?

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