Horrifying image of little boy shot in the head in the middle of soccer game will shock you

kids' soccer practiceConnor Minto of England was standing on the sidelines after having been substituted in a children's soccer game. He was just checkin' out the games surrounding him, when all of a sudden the 11-year-old boy felt as if he had been hit hard by a pebble on the side of his head. A friend of his told him that he had not been hit by a pebble. Turns out that the 11-year-old boy had been shot in the head with a pellet gun and the pellet was lodged in his forehead right above his left eye. The terrified little boy ran to his parents, who I'm sure must have been horrified by what they saw as you will be too.


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OMG! Can you believe this image? I think I would have fainted if my child ran up to me like that. I want to cry for him. Connor was taken to Royal Victoria Hospital where the pellet was removed and he had stitches.

Connor Minto shot in the head

As for who is responsible for having done this to this child, three 14-year-olds were arrested, questioned and they are now out on bail.

What is truly upsetting about this incident is that even though Connor will be fine physically, he is extremely traumatized. His mother Kerry Minto says,

His friend ... told him he had a bullet in his head. At that point he didn't know it was a pellet, so he told us he thought he was going to die.

Physically he has recovered from the incident but mentally he is terrified. He is scared to go out and he now sticks by me or his dad's side.

He is worried he might have been specifically targeted. He knows the police have arrested people but he also knows they are not still locked up in the police station. He's scared if he goes out again they might attack again.

This truly breaks my heart. I know what it's like to experience trauma and fear because of something that has been done to you and it's not something you get over quickly, it can have lifelong effects. Pobrecito! Much love and good wishes being sent his way.

Images via stevendepolo/Flickr, Durham Police

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