Lawyer hypnotized his clients to have sex with them

sleeping woman To be honest, I'm sick and tired of con artists and I'm glad this one didn't get away. 57 year old Michael Fine, is an attorney from Ohio who hypnotized his female clients and forced them to perform sex acts. He took advantage of the vulnerable emotional state of his clients and abused them. A woman identified as "Jane Doe" alerted the police after she had a meeting with Fine and her clothes were out of place and her vagina was wet. Fine, who calls himself "the world's greatest lover" is facing charges and will have his license revoked.


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In the official complaint, Jane stated that she always had "strange memories and feelings" after her meetings with the creepy lawyer. Armed with a recording device, Jane taped a conversation she had with Fine in which he began talking about her case, but quickly put her in a trance over the phone. He called himself the "teacher" and the "instructor" and assured her that she wouldn't remember anything after. What a creep! According to the police, Jane stopped talking and just did what he told her to do. The hypnotizing didn't stop until the woman had several orgasms.

I'm speechless about this crime; I just can't believe an educated man like Fine could do such a vile thing. I'm sure he charged his female clients an arm and a leg for his services because lawyer's rates are not cheap. Insane! Things got worse for the sexual predator lawyer because other women came forward and the police installed a camera in his office. When he met Jane and proceeded to hypnotize her and to take her clothes off, two police officers charged into his office and arrested the creep.

Ohio prosecutors are not letting Fine off the hook and want him behind bars and without a license. I hope the guy gets locked up for a while because what he did to those vulnerable women was outrageous. They were all frazzled dealing with their divorces and he took advantage of them instead of helping them. My friends, beware of con artists because they are everywhere and they are dangerous and shameless!

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