Cuddle & hug store turns out to be a WILD success in it first week!

Meerkats huggingEver had a day so rough that all you longed for was a hug? Well, apparently, thousands of people feel exactly the same way. Samantha Hess, of Portland, Oregon, discovered that there was a market for people in need of physical human contact and opened up a professional cuddling haven aptly dubbed Cuddle Up To Me. For $60, clients can enjoy an hour-long session of hand-holding, hair stroking, and plenty of cuddling--and yes, clients can choose to be the big spoon or the little spoon. And, perhaps as a testament to how physically disconnected we've become from each other in this digital age, Cuddle Up To Me had 10,000 customers in its first week alone.


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Though Cuddle Up To Me may raise eyebrows along skeptics who suspect more nefarious activities unfold within the business space, Hess insists that there's nothing sexual about the services offered at her shop. In the company's website, she extols the virtues of touch as a conduit for physical, emotional, and mental well-being, suggesting that a simple embrace offered with no ulterior motive can make a person feel safe, comforted, and reassured.

And to reassure those who still doubt the nature of the business, Hess says all sessions are video taped--a precaution to ensure the safety of cuddlers and cuddles alike.

Everyone has, at one point or another, longed for physical contact, but I can't imagine paying $60 for a perfect stranger to hold me. And the idea of laying on a possibly bed bug-ridden mattress while some potentially sex-crazed man spoons me just makes me want to shudder. Imagine if the cuddler gets aroused and you can feel his, uhm, excitement? Gross! And yes, there's a big part of me that wonders whether happy endings and other such services are on a special "menu" at this shop. But even if this is a legitimate business, I still think it's beyond odd--like something that would be postulated in a Portlandia skit. That said, there's clearly a market for the services Hess offers so, hey, to each their own!

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