This chicken breast looks just like Jesus!

Chicken breastA 49-year-old, New York City-based architectural specialist saw the strangest thing on Friday night. It happened right before he was about to bite into a piece of chicken breast his wife had prepared for him. He saw Jesus! And I don't mean he had a divine intervention or anything (or maybe he did). The man literally saw an image of a bearded man that looked just like Jesus on the golden-brown crust of his chicken. Don't believe me? Wait until you see this thing!


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"It must be the char marks, because the chicken wasn't breaded, Ernesto Hernandez told HuffPost Weird News."Everyone I show this to says it looks like Jesus without me saying anything. I don't want to say it looks like Jesus, but it's the personification of what people think he looks like. My sister, who is more cynical, says it looks like Charles Manson."

Ernesto apparently was at his weekend home in Poco Summit, Pennsylvania when the funny thing happened. He's in such awe of his divine chicken meal that he's doing everything he can to preserve it. "We don't know what to do," he added. "It's in the fridge, but it's starting to dry up and doesn't look as much like Jesus."

This isn't the first time someone sees Jesus's face appear totally out of nowhere. This one woman from Mexico had her fiancé rub holy dirt on her bruised foot earlier this year. The next day she noticed that one of her bruises had turned into the shape of Jesus. How crazy is that? This other woman from North Carolina found Jesus in a piece of burnt toast. And last year there was this picture of a dog's butt that looked just like Jesus was buzzing all over the internet.

Don't ask me how this happens because I don't have a clue. I wish I could say it's rare to see an image of Jesus on random objects but clearly that's NOT the case!

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