Mother chases down & catches molester who fondled her son

mom chases down man who fondled her sonA10-year-old boy at a Dave & Buster's restaurant told his mother that some creep had fondled him in the bathroom. A grown man molested a 10 year old in the bathroom of a mall restaurant you guys! When the alleged molester, 31-year-old Kwan Chen, came out of the bathroom the mother and restaurant managers took off after him through the mall as he tried to run away. Good news is, he didn't get very far!


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They got him and held him until mall security arrived. The Arcadia Police Department were called and as they investigated police identified another 10-year-old boy who also says he was fondled by Chen in the bathroom of the same restaurant. Police are now looking for any other possible victims. Who knows how many kids he's done this to already and how many more he would do it to if her hadn't been caught? Ugh!

I am so very sorry that any children were abused. It makes my eyes sting with hot tears thinking about it. I am incredibly proud of the little boy who came out of the bathroom and was brave enough to walk right up to his mother and tell her exactly what happened to him even though I'm sure it was a very confusing and traumatizing experience for him. I am BEYOND proud of the child's mother and the restaurant managers for chasing this perv down and catching him.

Chen was charged with lewd acts against a child under 14 years and his bail has been set at $200,000. I have to say that not only am I proud of the mother for chasing down Chen, I'm also proud of her for having the restraint not to gouge his eyeballs out when she caught him. I'm not sure I could have done the same.

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