Couple caught stealing from moms with baby strollers

This is scary enough to put fanny packs back in style. A New York couple got caught red-handed trying to steal an iPhone from a toddler's hand at a department store. Luis Chango and Rosa Jerez allegedly targeted young moms on strollers and pick-pocketed over a dozen innocent victims. Jerez and Chango finally got caught at a Mandee's store when a baby saw them doing the deed and started crying, which grabbed the attention of the security guard. The baby was a hero without even knowing it! 


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As if moms didn't have enough to worry about, sick creeps like these exist in the world. Imagine just innocently walking your baby in a stroller and then noticing that your phone or wallet is just gone. I'm not sure how badly this couple was struggling, but I don't think there's any excuse for this shady behavior. The pickpockets would steal bags, wallets, cash and credit cards. Basically, whatever they were able to get their hands on.

They were arraigned in court this week for grand larceny, robbery and child endangerment. Both have been released on bail, which is pretty scary since they could strike again. They are claiming they're innocent, but I'm sure there is security footage of the incident that finally got them busted. Reportedly, they started robbing moms back in August and finally got caught this month.

Purse snatchers are everywhere and the holiday season makes them spread like weeds. It's scary to think that moms walking around with their babies are at a higher risk of being targeted. The DA on the case warned, "A successful pickpocket only needs seconds to accomplish his or her goal of parting you with your valuables." I would stuff my money in my bra and leave my cell phone in my front pocket. Old school peeps used to do it that way for a reason.  

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