Pregnant American teen shot in the stomach by Mexican police in border town

GunA 14-year-old pregnant American girl, Indira Michelle Blanco Lopez Gonzalez was shot in the stomach by Mexican police during a border chase. The girl claims that the officers intentionally shot her in the stomach.

Police opened fire around midnight Sunday near the international bridge leading to Pharr, Texas in the Mexican border town of Reynosa, after the pick-up truck the girl was in failed to obey police commands to stop.


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State police officers had approached the girl and the boy, who was driving the truck, outside a convenience store and ordered them to stop. Instead, the driver took off and police fired at the truck's tires to stop the vehicle. The truck ended up in a ditch and the driver fled leaving the pregnant girl behind. The girl, four months pregnant, was found wounded in the belly and taken to a hospital.

Both the girl and her unborn child are expected to survive but her Mexican mother says that the girl was shot on purpose. Indira's mother says that the girl exited the vehicle to ask for help because her stomach was hurting but instead, she was shot in the belly intentionally and with malice. I'm not so sure that's the whole story.

Firstly, if her stomach was already hurting when she got out of the car, maybe she had already been shot during pursuit. She could have easily taken some gunfire. Secondly, where did the driver go? Thirdly, why did the girl's mother let her 14-year-old borrow her car? She obviously has no license. Fourth, if the girl and the guy she was with were doing nothing wrong, why did they flee? When cops told them to stop, why did they run?

I get it. Just in the last few weeks, a lot of people have been getting killed in Mexico. Just a couple weeks ago the bodies of three missing U.S. citizens were found shot in the head near the Mexican border city of Matamoros. Then there were the 43 teacher trainees from Guerrero who were abducted by the police under the order of the mayor and then handed over to the drug cartel then killed, incinerated and ground up in late September. These recent occurrences have drawn a line in the sand for many; the people of Mexico are tired of the violence. Tired of being victimized by the police and the cartel.

I've been to Mexico and I know, firsthand, that the police can be a little terrifying. I'm not entirely sure that I would have gotten out of my car and I certainly would have been tfrightened to be pulled over by the police but I would have never taken off and gotten into a rapid gunfire, border chase. I think there are a lot of unanswered questions about this entire situation. Thankfully, the girl and her unborn baby are fine.

There is definitely a lot of violence going on in Mexico right now, which is sad because it's such a beautiful country and rich culture. But who's going to go over there when people keep getting killed? I hope one day, the country I spent my summers in as a child, will be safe enough for me to take my own children to visit to learn more about there heritage.

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