Caught on camera: Daycare worker kicking toddler!

sad child, momAlexis Wilson-Britten, a 22-year-old day care teacher was fired and arrested after she kicked a twenty-month-old baby. The surveillance camera from the Kids R Kids Day Care in Clayton County, Georgia, captured the moment the woman kicked the toddler after he brought her a toy. Wilson-Britten was already under fire since she failed to report an accident involving the twin boy at the playground which resulted in a broken arm. The owner of the day care franchise disassociated himself with that particular location and the center might be closed.


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That woman is crazy and I'm happy she was arrested and fired. She is clearly not suited for the job and has no idea how to interact with little children. Wilson-Britten messed with the wrong mother! The twins' mom, Kimberly Johnson, also works at the same day care center and suspected the young teacher was abusive after she picked up her son one afternoon and the little boy was visibly upset. When she inquired what happened, Wilson-Britten said the kids wanted to stay longer at the playground and didn't mention the boy fell playing.

Hours later the boy was in a lot of pain and when the father brought him to the emergency room, the doctor told him he had a broken arm. Poor baby! When the mom reported the incident to the day care administrators the next day, they decided to monitor the teacher's behavior. Wow! She clearly didn't know about it because she proceeded to kick the little boy for no reason at all. When she was called into the director's office, she had nothing to say and she was arrested.

Robert Phelps, the owner of the day care franchise is not happy with Wilson-Britten and the administrators of the location. He doesn't understand why the woman was still employed since she was caught taping a pacifier into a child's mouth because she was crying too much. Phelps de-branded that location and wants to close the place. The mother of the twins is worried about her job and can't believe all this happened at her workplace. Wow! That Alexis fell from grace and dragged everybody with her.

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