Mom sells wedding ring to adopt a child after 13 miscarriages

woman's hand w wedding ringA Fargo mom, Zaundia Klingbeil, has decided to sell her wedding ring in order to adopt a child. She and her husband, Enoch, have an 11-year-old son, Elias, but the couple has suffered thirteen miscarriages in eleven years. Doctors have told the parents to stop getting pregnant. The family is desperate for another child.

A few years ago, Zaundia and Enoch had to watch their twin boys, Ezekiel and Lucas take their last breaths at eighteen weeks. It has been one of the hardest roads any parent has ever had to travel on their journey of parenthood. Yet, the couple remains undeterred in their desire to have another baby. 


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Then a call came, offering Zaundia a baby for adoption. Of course there will be financial challenges like the normal adoption fees, but even more so since the Klingbeils have been told that the baby will likely have costly medical issues so Zaundia has made the decision to sell her wedding ring to help pay.

While I would never try to speak on behalf of the Klingbeils, I can tell you from my own experience, I had one miscarriage and that was traumatic enough to stop me from ever trying to get pregnant again. You see, for me, I already had two perfect daughters. The third pregnancy was unexpected, but we were thrilled nonetheless.

From the moment I was aware that we were pregnant, it wasn't just a fetus or a baby in theory, it was a child just as much as my girls were. I think I felt this way because I had already been a mom for 7 years. I had already been where I was headed and I knew what the pregnancy becomes. It becomes your everything; your heart living outside of your body. Zaundia knows this too. Who wouldn't sacrifice a ring to have everything they had ever wanted in the world?

Unlike Klingbeil and so many others, I couldn't/didn't want to have to survive another miscarriage. I couldn't take the chance. I understand her determination and I admire her tenacity. She doesn't give up.

However, I think maybe her determination may be blinding her logic. I'm not saying that she should give up her dream of another baby and I think adoption is her best option, at this point. But it sounds like this child is going to need more than she might be able to provide. Unconditional love is a great thing to be able to give a child but it sounds like this child is going to need extensive medical attention and if that is the case, if she is having to sell her rings just to afford adoption fees, how will she ever afford not only the monetary cost but the emotional toll that caring for a sick child can take on her own existence not to mention her relationship with her son?

I think the Klingbeils sound like a wonderful, loving couple and I hope that a baby is put into their life for them to love. I'm just not sure that this is the right one for them and I definitely think they should not get pregnant again.

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