Little kids served cocktails at restaurant & no one noticed until it was too late!

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Joe's Crab Shack, a seafood restaurant in Colorado Springs, is in deep water after a bartender mistakenly prepared alcoholic cocktails for six children, aged 2 to 8, who gulped them down as if chugging soda or lemonade. The incident occurred last Wednesday, when patrons Trista and Omar Montoya brought a group of visiting relatives and friends to their favorite restaurant. The six children, all cousins, ordered Shark Nibbles, one of the beverage options listed in the kids' menu. Unfortunately, the bartender mistook the order and mixed up six Shark Bites, one of the eatery's signature cocktails. The highly alcoholic drink contains Bacardi Limon rum, Skyy vodka, blue curacao, and grenadine. Though none of the children were severely injured by the mix-up, the Montoyas were justifiably horrified. Police in the area are investigating the incident.


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According to the Montoyas, some of the kids had already finished their drinks by the time their waitress rushed to the table and attempted to retrieve the beverages, saying they were made with "the wrong ingredients." No kidding! Oddly enough, the boozy drinks were packaged in the kid-friendly cups typically used for the fruity Shark Nibbles drinks, which even contain a toy shark, so the parents had no reason to suspect anything had gone awry.

After the waitress scurried away, the restaurant manager returned with a new tray of drinks and informed the family that alcohol had accidentally been poured into the children's drinks. After the Montoyas demanded a better explanation for how the booze wound up in the kids' drinks, the manager said the ingredients had been "mislabeled," a response that left them all the more confused. 

Reporters from KKTV 11 News quickly rushed to the scene and noticed the commonalities between the Shark Nibbles kids' beverage and the Shark Bites adult cocktail--from their similar names to their shared blue tonality and the fact that they both contained toy shark embellishments. Clearly, after this lawsuit-waiting-to-happen incident, Joe's Crab Shack might want to consider changing its menu, eliminating any confusing verbiage (such as extremely similar drink names!) that might lead to similar mix-ups, and installing a more rigorous supervision system before letting any order leave the kitchen or bar. As Gordon Ramsey would say, "Taste everything before you serve it!"

Fortunately, the children were largely unharmed. One of the girls began feeling ill shortly after drinking the cocktail, so the Montoyas called paramedics to the scene. Fortunately, medics said all six children appeared to be in good health. Still, given that one of the kids was just 2 years old, the bartender's mistake could have led to such a tragic outcome as alcohol poisoning. It's enough to make any parent shudder.

Had my child been served alcohol--especially when he was so very young--Channel 11 probably would've had to dispatch more reporters to the scene just to cover what would surely be conceived as disorderly conduct. The barrage of derisive insults that would erupt from my already sassy mouth alone would merit the presence of a few news vans. I'm not saying it would be the most mature response, but I'd be too furious to care.

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