Man gets his girlfriend's sex toy stuck you will NOT believe where! (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

If this man's girlfriend didn't know he liked things stuck up his anus then she came home to a horrifying scene. A Greek man ended up getting his novia's strap-on stuck up his rectum and had to undergo emergency surgery to get it out. Geez, I hope that wasn't her favorite toy! Can you imagine the horror on his face when he realized he couldn't get the sucker out? Ah, my privates hurt just thinking about it. The most horrifying part of it all is that the operation was caught on video. Please don't watch this sober. I beg of you. 


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Invite your girlfriends' over for some cocktails at your house and then play the video, which shows the doctors laughing at the sight of this poor man getting a sex toy stuck up his anus. Imagine being the doctor having to rip this rubber dildo out of a man's rear. I'm sure he studied for so many years and worked his butt off in medical school just for this moment.

If the man was hiding this from his girlfriend, he managed to get caught in the most embarrassing way possible. This is called Karma, my friend. When you steal or borrow a lady's dildo without her permission and decide to stick it up your butt--you are going to pay the consequences. Every person's sex toy should be off limits unless they are in the room to use it with you!

The man ended up surviving the surgery, but I doubt his dignity or relationship will be repairable. Years from now, they'll be sitting at dinner celebrating their anniversary dinner and his girlfriend could easily whip out the, "Honey, remember that time you stole my dildo and it got stuck up your butt?" backhanded comment. That's more terrible than reliving the actual act all over again. Poor guy. This shows him a lesson.

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