Toddler survives all alone in the woods for almost 24 hours!

tree and moon at nightA 2-year-old girl, Brooklyn Lynn Lilly, wandered off while playing outside her home in Tawas City in the eastern Part of Michigan near Lake Huron and was lost and alone in the woods for 22 hours. What? 

Luckily, the toddler was found alive and well on Thursday after spending almost a full day and night alone in the cold, dark woods. That's pretty impressive. Most 2-year-olds need constant supervision to make sure they don't fall into any danger. Don't people watch their kids anymore?


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Which reminds me? Why was a toddler alone, outside unsupervised in the first place? Don't get me wrong; I am thrilled that the parents got their baby girl back in one piece with no permanent damage. Wandering off is a much better scenario than little Brooklyn having been abducted and molested or murdered by some pedophile but let's not lose sight that someone dropped the childcare ball for a toddler to have the opportunity to wander off and get lost in the woods. Wasn't anyone watching this kid?

Family and friends feared the worst for Brooklyn. State troopers, deputies and firefighters scoured the area on foot, by air and on ATVs until the storms made it impossible.

Can you imagine what must have gone through this frightened little girl's mind while she was lost and alone in the woods waiting for someone to find her, as the temperatures dropped and the rain fell? ¡Pobrecita!

Luckily, Trooper Denis McGuckin or the K-9 unit and his canine partner, Jax, found the little girl cold, motionless and huddled into a heap but no worse for the wear. The trooper feared the worst but then Brooklyn lifted her head and smiled at him.

This story could have had a deadly outcome. Little Brooklyn is a very lucky girl that someone found her before something worse happened to her. Still, it doesn't sit well with me that a toddler was unsupervised in a yard long enough to wander off on her own. I know with kids you can turn your head for a second and your entire life can change.

My girls were never let outside alone when they were toddlers. I always supervised them. Even now at 7 and 9, they have to be together and in a place where I can see them at all times. Aside from the basic elements and natural dangers that could harm a toddler anyone could have found this child and taken her. Then what?

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