Mom rapes 15-year-old her son set her up with

Most teens would be grossed out if their mother was crushing on one of their peers, but apparently not in this bizarre case. Molly Shattuck is being charged with two counts of third-degree rape after having sexual relations with a teen boy that attended her son's high school in Delaware. In a strange twist, the 47-year-old mom's son actually encouraged the inappropriate sexual relationship. According to police documents, Shattuck's son noticed that his mom was stalking the kid on Instagram and texted him "my mom is obsessed with you." The divorced mom reportedly started hooking up with the teen this past summer and got caught in the most inappropriate way.


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The divorced mom continued messaging with the high school student and eventually picked him up in her Escalade where they made out and touched each other. During Labor Day weekend, she rented a vacation home and invited her victim and two friends to hang out. She provided booze for the kids and had sex with the teen boy she had been stalking online. The teen boy is a victim in this situation. Sure, he was probably high-fiving his buddies about it all, but a sexual crime is a sexual crime.

Shattuck is the worst kind of predator in my eyes. She looks like a harmless and sweet mother, but she's really a pedophile who can easily lure young teen boys into her web. It's disgusting. She's also a former professional cheerleader and an author. She was also known for donating funds towards political campaigns in her area. She was seriously the last person anyone in her community would suspect of doing this.

Once police interviewed the teen boy, he confessed that Molly would ask him to text shirtless photos of himself and even once asked for an underwear photo. Shattuck is also being charged with four counts of unlawful sexual contact and three counts of providing alcohol to minors. She faces up to twenty five years in prison. She deserves to be locked up! She posted bail and is currently free to roam high school yards in her area. That's pretty scary.

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